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Premium Ultra Precision Soft Sanding Stick Full Set #400-7000

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The perfect sanding stick, seriously.

    Full Set #400-7000
    SKU: IPM-0000



    How many sanding sticks are included when buying a single grit (e.g. just #600) rather than the full set?
    4 sticks per pack. Each stick is double-sided.
    September 18, 2022
    Are these completely rigid?
    These are semi-rigid. The backing has a little bit of give, but it won’t contour to round surfaces. They’re also slightly smaller and best used with quick, short strokes.
    January 5, 2023
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    Nov 17, 2022

    Best Sanding Product I've Used

    Like the title says, these sanding sticks are the best I've used. They're the perfect size, sturdy, durable, and the price is unbeatable.
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    Feb 4, 2022

    Good, but higher grits lose abrasiveness quickly

    I've used this brand of sanding sticks for just over a year across roughly 25 kits of all grades, but I'm currently shopping around for something different. While the lower grit sticks (400 to 800) last quite a while, the higher grits become polished and ineffective extremly quickly even if great care is taken to clean out dust particles or ensuring not too much pressure is used. For example, the 3000-grit sticks in both sets were completely smooth in about 2 weeks, while the 1000- and 2000-grit sticks don't survive a kit. Even on light use, it's easy to see the abrasive grit is simply gone. The lower grits, however, are more robust in how long the grit will stay useful, however these should not be used for part re-shaping due to the low stiffness. Overall they served me well as I went from the beginner stages into custom work and resin conversions, but the drawbacks have begun to overshadow the positives. I'd hoped these issues were limited only to the first set I purchased, but a second set have done the same thing unfortunately.
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    Sep 25, 2021

    Easy to use even for beginners

    I’m new to Gunpla but not to model kits but using these sanding sticks made it feel like I was a pro just after my first couple of builds. They’re still going strong after 4 kits.
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