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Joint Guard

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Contents: GUNPRIMER (gunprimer) joint guard (joint reinforcement tape)

Size: About 105x175mm
Number of publications: 1,054
Tape color: Light gray
Material: Polypropylene (tape surface non-slip coating)


This is a special reinforcing tape to recover the looseness of joints and moving parts of the mechanical model.

In order to reinforce a loose joint until now, it was necessary to adjust it by sharpening with an adhesive and then adjusting it by scraping or re-placing it, or by sticking it to the joint while cutting out a small tape by yourself.

This joint guard has been developed so that even these loose joint parts can be easily maintained for a long time.

Reinforcing tape has been cut into strips in six sizes to suit various shafts. In addition, it is a soft special tape with a non-slip coating on the surface, so it can reinforce the joints without applying excessive tension to the parts.



      Does this function any better than a thin coat of nail polish?
      Nail polish is great for parts that do not move. These are great for joints since nail polish will eventually crack and chip off after some usage/movement.
      March 28, 2022
      not sure but trying that out before buying this product. thanks!
      March 28, 2022
      Do you need to use glue with this?
      Glue is not needed. It comes on a sticker sheet pre-cut. Just peel and stick.
      September 25, 2022
      Could these help with Sazabi ver.ka finger joints? Mine keep falling out and don't know what's a good solution.


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