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The final mobile suit used by Amuro Ray featured in Char's Counterattack is available as an RG kit. It includes a multi-link gimmick that allows armor parts to slide simultaneously with the articulation of the leg, as well as armor unfolding gimmick through the body based on a thorough investigation of actual machines, resulting in a product with condensed details unique to RG kits.

Product Features

  • 5.9 inches (15cm)
  • Made of plastic
  • From the anime film Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack
  • Multi-link gimmick that allows armor parts to slide simultaneously
  • Armor unfolding gimmick

Box Contents

  • Pieces to build
    • Nu Gundam
    • Beam Rifle
    • Hyper Bazooka
    • 2 Beam Sabers
    • Shield
  • Amuro Ray figure (standing)
  • Decals
  • Instructions
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box art
Scale 1/144
Line RG - Real Grade
Number 32 / 38
Brand Mobile Suit Gundam
Series Char's Counterattack
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Hello, when would this be back in stock?
I wanna know as well. When was this last in stock?
June 29, 2023
does this come with stand
It does not although there is another print of the rg nu gundam that comes with a stand and affects.
September 16, 2022
what gundam colors can i get to match the nu gundam colors?
Mr. Hobby's UG16 is the closest in terms of colors specifically mixed for Gundams.
January 24, 2023
same guy asking again about colors. what paints would be good to get to match NU gundam and would gold be good to use?
Well for colors, you would have to go with Mr color, Bandai puts color combinations to match the Gundam color scheme perfectly on the Gundam manuals, you can find that on dalong, they post almost all Gundam manuals there.
January 25, 2023
also, check out mech9 for color translations.
January 25, 2023
Would it be better to wait until I can get the double fin funnel set for the funnel stands?
I used the figure rise jet effect (clear yellow) because it is much cheaper to get and they are very similar. Be mindful you will need two sets because there are only three to a pack.
March 18, 2023
Do the joints deteriorate like other RG kits? (Does it suffer from early RG syndrome?)
This does not use a pre-molded inner frame. The joint parts are only used in the funnels.
June 13, 2023
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Nov 23, 2023

(Almost) Perfect

The suit itself is probably one of the best I've ever built, at least in the RG line. The funnels on the other hand, have a tendancy to not stick together like they're supposed to. And the shield, along with the beam saber slot on the left forearm, REALLY don't like to stay in place.
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Jun 25, 2023

The beast of posability !

I have to start off by saying that this is one of or perhaps the most posable kits I own, I think the only one that slightly beats out would be the Entry Grade Nu Gundam and that's only because I like the ankle articulation on the EG Nu a bit more. This kit is a real looker when it comes to detail, especially when you panel line it, it has moving armor gimmicks all over the place from the chest to the ankles. Which are likely owed to it being based on the ver ka Nu, you can even go in and use a Gundam marker ex in green to add in some detail to make it look like there's psycho frame under the opening flaps - much like its ver ka counterpart. The build is really quite simple when you get down to it, there's not a ton of small pieces that you need to deal with which is great because I can't really stand tiny pieces going on tiny places (looking at you RG Exia). The only real negative knock I can give the RG Nu Gundam is that the neck looks a bit too long but that long neck helps the head to move around without the jaw armor clashing with the Nu's collar armor. The neck is also quite unique since it's a ball that attaches into a plate that makes up the base of the neck and this plate can actually swing up and down to allow for even more head/neck movement. So the tldr: Posability ? Great except the ankles are a little limited in the side to side. Looks ? Nails it even without all the stickers and without panel lines but I do recommend lining and doing some stickers here and there. Build strength ? It's great ! Build complexity ? It's quite straightforward. Should you get this kit ? Well if you like the Nu Gundam and want a 144 scale then I'd say grab this bad boy while you can cause at $34 and change it's not going to last long !
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- Verified Purchaser
Jul 11, 2022

Perfect kit almost

Another fantastic kit holds together very well except the finn funnels are very floppy floppy.
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