MG ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam (Ver. 2.0)

Model Kit
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An updated version of the Freedom Gundam from "Gundam Seed" that features stylized detail and proportion influenced from the MG RM Aile Strike Gundam. All weapons have carefully recreated including beam rifle, beam sabers that can combine, rail cannons, and plasma cannons. Sliding armor panels in thighs and forearms and flip open hatches in wings allow new possible dynamic display options.

Product Features

  • 1/100 Scale
  • Made of plastic
  • Sliding armor panels in thighs and forearms
  • Flip open hatches in wings allow new possible dynamic display options
  • Beam rifle & beam sabers that can combine

Box Contents

  • Pieces to build
    • Freedom Gundam 2.0
    • Beam rifle
    • Beam sabers
    • Rail cannons
    • Plasma cannons
    • Shield
    • 2 Kira Yamato figures
      • Standing
      • Pilot 
    • Display stand
  • Dry Transfer sticker
  • Instruction manual
This item is limited to 1 per person.
Scale 1/100
Line MG - Master Grade
Brand Mobile Suit Gundam
Series Gundam Seed
box art


Can I get a replacement part
June 14, 2022
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Dec 29, 2021

Cool kit

This was my first MG kit and I had a lot of fun building it, but with the stand, I couldn't pose it a lot. I'm also not familiar with the suit because I haven't watched Seed, and I don't think I will. It's neat
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Dec 3, 2021

A Must Have Kit

The Freedom 2.0 is probably the most fun and visually appealing kit I have ever assembled. The parts fit well, there is so much thought put into the design from a movement and aesthetic perspective, and it really does set the bar for what I currently expect out of new MG boxes. The parts can be small, thin, brittle, and touchy, but it feels so good to have them in the right place. Yeah, I broke the V-fin. Yeah, I glued that thing back together and it looks SO good. Would recommend to any who enjoys putting things together, seasoned or beginner.
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Nov 25, 2021

Better than I thought!

The mg providence gundam was one of yhe first kits I built and the weight of the armor did a number on the frame making me think that the justice and freedom are similar. Boy was I wrong as this kit blew my expectations directly out of the water!
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Oct 31, 2021

Easy to build but leg joints may snap if not careful

The Freedom 2.0 is a wonderful kit. It has a shelf presence especially when the wing are spread out. My main complaint is about the leg joints (J4 in runners). It has a mechanism that allows the legs to go down further for some poses. BE CAREFUL ATTACHING THE LEGS TO THE JOINTS, or else, the joints may snap or break into two. Overall, I'd still recommend the kit, just be cautious on the said joints.
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- Verified Purchaser
Oct 21, 2021

Great Kit

It was a great Kit and a very fun build. The only really downside is that it marks easily on the dark parts.
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