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1/9 Iron Man Mark 3 (Deluxe Edition)

Model Kit
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This 1/9 scale Iron Man Mark III model features plastic and die-cast parts. Once assembled, this kit becomes a fully articulated figure and a diorama display and stand.

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Product Features

  • 9.44 inches (24cm)
  • Made of plastic and die-cast
  • From the Iron Man movie
  • Fully articulated figure when assembled
  • Highly detailed
  • Features Top half body of MK3 construction version and repair base
  • LED lights for eyes and chest 

Box Contents

  • Pieces to build
    • Iron Man Mark III
    • Top half body of Mark III
    • Repair base
  • 8 Hands
  • 6 Blast effects
  • 2 Wrist rockets
  • Head light
  • Chest light
  • Magnetic control stick
  • Stand
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box art
Scale 1/9
Brand Marvel
Release Date July 2022
SKU: EM2021017P


Well i guess i should have asked before ordering, anyhow.... Can i build both, the full armor and the half armor hanging from the stand? Or just either one?
August 15, 2022
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Jan 18, 2023


The kit itself looks really great. The gold pieces are undergated, but unfortunately a lot of the candy red pieces are not. They also made questionable design choices on some of the connection points in the chest. Mainly on the 2 pieces I marked on the photo. You have to insert the piece in between 2 pegs pretty hard and it makes for a crappy connection. Also one of the batteries they sent is almost dead (barely lights up) and they arent easy to find from what I can tell. Overall I can't really recommend this kit based on the design choices and how I received it.
Review by
- Verified Purchaser
Aug 11, 2022

In general a good build...

Okey this set is hard to evaluate.... but lets go one by one and then explain why i would not recommend it... The build is fun and the parts and colors are just great... but also not as depicted in the pictures. Especially the silver for the half armor is a very dark gun metal gray and not a bright silver. So be aware of that... When assembled the set lacks something and i am not sure what it is... the hips look to large for the lower upper body part and make it look off i guess... but when posing it it is easy to hide that fact... There is an extra step on a piece of paper included in the box that explains/corrects a step while assembling the shoulders. I read it wrong and therefore followed the steps incorrect. It wants to make you aware that for the full size model you use the metal parts but for the half model you use the plastic shoulder parts. Well i used plastic on both now... not a big deal but yeah... just be aware of this too. The next thing is the assembly of the shoulder panels. The steps are to put in the joint parts first then attach the panel.... and thats no fun at all in fact i broke one piece while doing that so i decided to do it different on the second try. The better way doing it, at least for me was to attach the joint to the panel first and then attach it to the chest armor. This went much smoother... One really nice thing is that you also get all the light parts (beside for the hands) 2 times. You will have two head and chest armor lights which is really nice.... I also like the new magnetic switch for the lights rather then the push buttons which can be a bit.... finicky at times... But now to the part why i would not recommend it... Its not Morstrom's fault but the armor itself is very... boring... especially when having built the MK XLVII before... which was just a great set. To much red, not very detailed and... Boring to look at and displaying it... to be honest.... i wish they would have had a set with only the armor holder and the half armor for $75 less.... i would, without hesitation, recommend that rather then this set. I simply did not feel i get my money worth with this one. As said earlier, if you have the option get the Mk XLVII set which is so much more detailed and nicer to look at...
Review by
- Verified Purchaser
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