RG 33 ZGMF-X56S/α Force Impulse Gundam

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Based on its appearance in the classic Gundam SEED Destiny, this Real Grade version of the Force Impulse Gundam has an updated Advanced MS Joint system in the Core Splendor and chest assembly.

This model was meticulously engineered featuring color separation with its subtle color hues—perfectly recreated along with its combining gimmick with the Chest, Leg, and its Force Silhouettes. In addition, its waist has an updated drop-down gimmick for the legs to increase range of motion while its arms feature rotation on 2 different axes to reduce parts from interfering with each other.

To keep in line with real world machines, the Force Silhoutte wings are modeled after real world aircrafts and fold away in a unique manner. The set includes a beam rifle, 2 knives, 2 beam sabers, an expanding shield, and interchangeable hands.

Product Features

  • 4.84 inches when completed (12.3cm)
  • 1/144 Scale
  • Made of plastic
  • Part of the Real Grade model kit series
  • Based on the Gundam SEED Destiny
  • Features updated joints, body parts, and weapons

Box Contents

  • Pieces to build
    • Force Impulse Gundam
    • 8 Interchangeable hands
    • Beam rifle
    • 2 Knives
    • 2 Beam sabers
    • Expanding shield
    • Silhouette Flyer
    • Force Silouette
    • Chest Flyer
    • Core Splendor
    • Leg Flyer
  • Instructions
box art
Scale 1/144
Line RG - Real Grade
Number 33 / 39
Brand Mobile Suit Gundam
Series Gundam Seed Destiny


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SKU: 2509667


Do these RG kits come with an action base/stand
This RG product does not include a stand
May 19, 2022
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Jun 6, 2022

Get it while is cheap

Great kit, great build, and very solid. Its price is very cheap taking into consideration the quality of the parts and of the design. So much in such a small package.
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May 6, 2022

A Solid Cosmic Era Real Grade

This was the only Real Grade kit released in 2020, so it lands on a lot of "best of..." lists by default. Don't let that turn you away. This is a really solid kit, way sturdier than a lot of the other, earlier, releases from SEED and SEED Destiny. The kit has great color separation and super solid articulation. My only complaint is that the v-fins are super flimsy and prone to snapping.
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- Verified Purchaser
Jan 25, 2022

So much Gundam for your money / shelf space

This was a very satisfying build, and has some excellent details, cool mechanics, and great weapons/wings/extras. Looks awesome. Only small things that made it a less than perfect build are if you are a casual/snap builder: The matte black plastic looks great but is easy to scuff, even just with your fingernail, and the wings/backpack were a little tricky to balance, at least for me. But those definitely wouldn't stop me from recommending it to anyone, just a heads up. If you're on the fence, just go for it :)
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