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Balancer Gray

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M620 Technology Abrasive

Includes 3 per pack

​BALANCER GRAY is a special polisher developed with a proprietary technology called M620 which can produce up to 2000 grit surface from a 600 grit surface. This fast and effective tool is recommended for everyone from beginners to advanced users.

  • After achieving the 600 grit surface, use the BALANCER GRAY to smooth the surface similar to when using 2000 grit sandpaper. The white side further brings the surface to achieve a super glossy.
  • It can be used in either side.
  • It can be cut into smaller sizes for more detailed and precise polishing on small areas.
  • Cleaning: Use GUNPRIMER's DUST BRUSH or masking tapes to clean the dust and debris to recover the performance of the BALANCER for longer lasting use.



what is the best way to not wear them out- im on the last stick in the box
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Jan 23, 2024

Great all purpose sanding tool

Honestly a a great little sponge that can do a lot of heavy lifting. You can use it for the second step in gate removal after the razer, or for scuffs and minor scratch marks. You can also use it for more detailed sanding as well, after 400 and 600 grit without having to bust out other grits like 800-2000 if you're lazy. I like matte looks so I usually finish with the green side from the white balancer. Needs cleaning every few pieces with some tape, and I think one sponge should last 1-2 kits with heavy use.
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Apr 6, 2023

Better than expected.

I honestly always made snide remarks about Gunprimer and their pricing etc, but slowly and surely I've tried more and more of their products. This one right is at the top of my list. I'm currently on my third kit with the first balancer I took out of the pack and it's still going pretty strong. Makes it's easy to use a higher grit to get rid of the nub and be able to come back with this and almost only need a single pass.
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Mar 23, 2023

Amazing and step reduction!

These little grey soft foam sandy sticks are now my staple go to for just about every single surface sanding! I have to say if I had a problem with them it's that they are quite soft foam, if they were just a "smig" denser maybe... but.. but... they're quite amazing! Even though it claims to leave you with a finish around 2000 grit they can be used for just about anything you have to sand. I have never had any need to go lower than 600 grit on my gumpla and usually it's 800 grit for "rough " sanding and then 1,000... 2,000 right to 8,000 to finish off with a dry board eraser.(I just stumbled on this little trick and love the type of finish it leaves on bare plastic models. But... the grey balancers are the go to really. So now I start at gate marks with 800 grit and any swirls or mold imperfections then if it needs a bit more blending I use 1,000 over the entire part(usually it is not necessary.) But honestly for the most part it's just 800 for gate marks and such, right to one of these bad Larry's over the entire part, and finally back to a uniform matt polish with the dry board eraser and that is it!! So, only three easy steps for an excellent looking matt plastic finish that is surprisingly uniform! I have just ordered a few more boxes of these and also the gunprimer gate remover kit! I will be sure to review that product as soon as I find a feel for the new routine. But these are a lifesaver and step saver too!! P.s- I have to agree that they do wear out very quickly as compared to other sanding sticks/ foamies... but I don't mind if they are saving me a bunch of monotonous sanding steps and time!!👌👍👍👍
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