MG Unicorn Gundam Unit 03 Phenex

Model Kit
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■ Unicorn 3 shining gold appears as MG.
■ Gold plated armor is plated parts, psycho frame is reproduced with clear parts.
■ The corners of the head are reproduced by new modeling. Mobile type for action and fixed type for display are attached and can be selected.
■ Transform from unicorn mode to destroy mode possible. Due to deployment of the armor, the total height is expanded in the Destroy mode than in the unicorn mode.
■ Beam · Magnum which is the main warhead is included. Shields and bazooka are also included, you can also change the weaponry.
■ Armed Armor DE is a telescoping expansion type. Psycho frame exposed when deploying.
Molded item × 27, color seal × 1, slide mark × 1, assembly instruction × 1
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Scale 1/100
Line MG - Master Grade
Brand Mobile Suit Gundam
Series Gundam Unicorn
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Oct 27, 2021

Beautiful but broken

I had heard that this kit lived up to the bad name of the MG Unicorn line of kits (not including the MGEX) but unfortunately I'm weak to shiny based attacks. If you plan to buy the Phenex, make sure you are willing to spend time fixing and adjusting the kit. It is possible for experienced builders to make this kit something wonderful. However, there are several loose joints, no under-gated parts even though it's gold coated, the ankles shattered on the one I own, the articulation is very minimal, and it will not sit on it's own action stand connector. But in the end, if you just want something that sits there and looks pretty, this is the kit to do it.
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Mar 1, 2021

Looks phenomenal but falls short

Picked this kit up because I adore the Gundam Narrative movie and the Phenex. If you've built any of the MG Unicorn models there's no real surprises here. The gold is breathtaking on the shelf, but there's no undergating so there's lots of white nub marks in highly visible areas when getting close. Could be touched up with a gold marker. Between the price, the finicky transformation, and the nub marks, this is a kit that's difficult to recommend to folks unless they're fans of the movie or can put some extra effort into it. Done right though, this kit is stunning and worth the extra effort.
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