MG God Gundam

Model Kit

After the Shining Gundam is no longer able to function, Domon Kasshu receives the titular G Gundam, short for God Gundam (known as the Burning Gundam in the English version). It uses an upgraded God Finger (Burning Finger), which is plunged into the enemy and allows it to subsequently discharge its power in a secondary technique called Heat End. Domon develops other moves for countering his opponents, but the most notable example is Sekiha Tenkyoken, which Master Asia teaches Domon to help him in the finals. It is also able to transform into a super mode (Hyper mode) in which its chest plate opens to expose an internal power regulator and the wings divide into 6 spines that generate a ring of fire around its back.

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Scale 1/100
Line MG - Master Grade
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