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Grida Scribing Set

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Now, you can use the new multi-directional scribing tool set to freely scribe panel lines on surfaces with ease . Refined through trial and error, the GRIDA set is composed with GUNPRIMER’s highest tier of craftsmanship, design and materials.

“GRIDA” means “draw” in Korean. The GRIDA set is for users who find small, sharp chisels difficult to handle.


  • Micro Chisel
  • Mechanical Holder
  • Master Guide 2.0

Each GRIDA set includes a handmade certificate of authenticity and MASTER GUIDE 2.0 sheet. Because of the precision and craftsmanship required to attain the highest quality possible, only 10 of this product is produced per day.

The MASTER GUIDE 2.0 can be used in conjunction with the GRIDA to create new panel lines. Please refer to the link below for more information about the product.

Multi-Directional Technology
Material: Carbon steel
Size : 0.5x30mm

  • MICRO CHISEL is a product developed exclusively for panel line scribing. Install and use it with the enclosed MECHANICAL HOLDER.
  • MICRO CHISEL's multi-directional technology enables scribing as if drawing on a paper.
  • Multi-directional technology enables stable scribing on curved lines and irregular shaped surfaces.
  • MICRO CHISEL is a specialized tool for deeper and cleaner re-scribing of panel lines with various thicknesses
  • MICRO CHISEL is capable of scribing an average of 0.15~0.2mm panel line which is the most preferred thickness for panel lines in plastic model kits.
Double-Tap Sleeve Technology
Size : 10x135mm
  • MECHANICAL HOLDER is a dedicated tool to use with the MICRO CHISEL. Balanced weight and handling make possible for more elaborate work.
  • Rubber grip of the MECHANICAL HOLDER prevents from slipping while scribing.
  • Designed for extra level of safety, Double-Tap Sleeve Technology ensures the safety for both the user and the MICRO CHISEL.
  • Hard press on the MECHANICAL HOLDER extends the safety sleeve and subsequent light press extends the MICRO CHISEL and another hard press retracts the sleeve back into the HOLDER. It's full retraction mechanism prevents from any damage of MICRO CHISEL when not in use.
  • MECHANICAL HOLDER's comfortable grip can provide great precision when scribing as if they are drawing on a paper.

Installation Method

Insert the MICRO CHISEL into the MECHANICAL holder thorough the lead sleeve from the bottom. The opposite end of the MICRO CHISEL is in rounded shape for easy insertion into the lead sleeve.


  • Do not over extend the chisel from the grip. This may cause damage or break the chisel. It is recommended to click the holder 3 times after inserting the MICRO CHISEL to get the proper length for use.
  • Holding the MECHANICAL HOLDER improperly in low or steep angles will not give good results and may break the chisel. It is recommended to hold MECHANICAL HOLDER, upright, as if you are writing or drawing.




So I am in practice of perfecting free hand scribing, I sketch out my panel lines then cut them in with a hobby knife, then use a chisel, do you think this would be a good replacement of the hobby knife for cleaner lines.
Yes, this can be used instead of using a hobby knife as this can provide better handling and control.
June 6, 2022
Is it normal for the tip holding head to bend when in use? Or should it not be able to move similar to how the Madworks Multi-function handle does? My Grida does this and idk if its intentional to prevent the tip from breaking but it really tends to throw off my results by the sudden jerk it'll do when the surface is still glossy, like when making the first panel line. :( Its mainly the micro chisel holder I'm not crazy about but the chisel itself is amazing on its own!
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Aug 29, 2022

Great multi purpose scriber

This scriber is nice to handle and relatively easy to work with. In function it is close to hasegawa chisel 3 (triangle tip), but smaller in size and more forgiving. It excels at making initial guide lines (especially curved ones) and improvement of definition in difficult to access areas of grooves and chamfers. However due to its triangle tip it is not a substitute for a flat chisel but rather a complimentary (and a great one) to it.
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Aug 28, 2022

Maybe I just suck...

I'm fairly new to scribing so this might be user error but I find it very difficult to maintain a singular uniform groove with the tiny size of the scribing needle, even with guide tape. It's a bit too small for panel lining Master Grades and since High Grade parts are really small and difficult to scribe I tend to avoid using it. I really like the idea of a mechanical pencil-like scriber. It's nice being able to adjust the extent you want the needle to protrude from the grip. After using it on a few kits it hasn't shown any signs of wear or depreciation though so it's decent quality! It would be useful in panel lining really small details but I can't say I use mine a lot.
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Jun 8, 2022

Overpriced Needle

I have no chisel to compare it to, but I'm not seeing a huge difference between the Grida, and what I managed to do with a needle. I find the shape and size of the panel line varies widely based on the angle of the scribe, and plastic is left behind in a lot of panel lines rather than removed cleanly. For the price, I had higher expectations
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May 10, 2022

Best scriber IMO

I can only speak for myself, however, this scriber is really forgiving (for a newbie like me) I feel more confident scribing and the natural feel of this one (pencil type) allows for more natural movement.
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Apr 12, 2022

Beginner Scribing Made Easy

I love this product. Without guide tape i slipped far less than I did with a 0.2mm chisel from Dspaie/Madworkx. The chisel itself is not stone solid but it is durable. Follow the directions and hold like a normal pen and redo all those lovely panel lines on resin and plastic kits!
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