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ATK Girl 01 Arachne 2.0

Model Kit
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――Arachne 2.0 will appear in 1/12 scale ATK girl.
――Not only 3 types of printed face parts but also unprocessed face parts are included.
――If you use a special decal, you can make it with your favorite expression!
-[Armed Mode] can reproduce light equipment and all equipment versions.
-Not only joint parts but also armed parts have a wide range of movement, so fine movements can be reproduced.

--Completion size: Approximately 14.2 cm
Scale 1/12
Brand ATK Girl
Release Date September 2021


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Feb 17, 2022

Damn those small parts

Overall I really enjoyed this build. High quality plastic and design is amazing! The only downside is, for the spider legs there are 6 super small 'x' shaped parts that are extremely difficult to push into place and if you don't do it correctly there's a high chance that these small parts pop out and go flying into the moon to never be found again. This happened to 3 out of 6 legs and I had to use super glue to get them in place, tamiya cement does not work.
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