IMS 1/100 The Knight of Gold

Model Kit
"Golden Electric Knight (The Knight of Gold)" at IMS Stand up now!

Amaterasu's MH "KOG", which controls AKD, is finally here at IMS! Three-dimensional with a ceremony specification with a large bow for ceremonies when it was unveiled at Delta Bern in 3007.
Not only a large bow but also a real sword is attached, and in addition to various wrist parts suitable for various situations, a long stretched stabilizer is completely reproduced.
The characteristic head engraving and shoulder emblem come with beautiful decals.
Furthermore, in addition to the conventional movable mechanism unique to IMS that pursues both design and movement, by adopting some of the latest ABSOMEC (absolute mechanism) technology established in "GTM Kaiserin", you can imagine from a heavy silhouette. You can enjoy a bold action pose that doesn't stick.
Scale non
Brand The Five Star Stories
Release Date Feb 2021
Assembly Guide
SKU: WH4518992230009
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