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Hexa Gear Alternative Track Down

Model Kit
In stock

Combat preparation complete. Start your engines.

  • The “Alternative” series aims to create models that are both compact in size and simple to build. Similar to the Governor series, assembly is made easy even for model kit beginners.
  • The frame is equipped with 3mm joints, making it possible to change out parts and customize your unit with other model kit series such as Frame Arms, Frame Arms Girl, Megami Device, and Modeling Support Goods.
  • The model can be system converted back and forth between a dual-arm three-legged Droid form and the four-legged Beast form.
  • The tail is highly flexible and weapons can be held at the tip.
  • The included Light Machine Gun and Grenade Launcher can be equipped to separately sold Governors.
  • The model uses two colors, both of which are also used for the HEXA GEAR BULKARM α model kit: dark blue and gunmetal.

Included Items:

  • TRACK DOWN Model x2
  • Light Machine Gun x2
  • Grenade Launcher x2
  • HEXA G-R.A.M x2
Scale non
Brand Hexa Gear
Release Date May 2022




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