HGUC 234 MS-06S Zaku II (Revive)

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Bandai released the new HGUC MS-06S Char Zaku II to coincide with the 40th Anniversary Celebration of Gunpla, and it’s definitely a kit worth celebrating. The Zaku II design has had no shortage of model kit iterations over the years, but this might be the best version in the 1/144 scale that Bandai offers.

Included with the MS-06S Char Zaku II:

  • Zaku Machine Gun
  • Bazooka
  • Heat Hawk
  • Action Base Adapter
Scale 1/144
Line HG - High Grade
Number 234 / 242
Brand Mobile Suit Gundam
Series Mobile Suit Gundam
box art


Is this a build I could easily do with my younger brother?
Yes, this would be a great build to do with a younger sibling!
May 18, 2022
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Sep 23, 2022


First zeon kit, better than I expected. I really like the rubber skirt, it makes for some great articulation possibilities.
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Sep 5, 2022

The Red Comet is back!

This is one of the best high grades I’ve built. It’s extremely simple, but so, so effective. The articulation is great, the weapons are awesome, and the camera does the color no justice. It’s in the classic coral red, with some maroon and crimson. There are only 2 problems with this kit: The floppy secondary wrist, and The machine gun is kinda hard to put on. Other than that I would totally recommend this to anyone who likes that 70s Universal Century style!
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Jan 31, 2022

Best beginner model

This is by far my favorite high grade out of the ten I’ve built. It’s nice and simple but just the best HG
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Dec 3, 2021

Best HG Kit I Have Ever Assmbled

Yes, this kit is better than the HG Gouf, Kishatryia, and Dom combined! This kit was my second or third High Grade kit and I bought it strictly based on price and cool factor. I knew nothing about the Gundam universe. This thing still blew my uneducated self away. The build is fluid, interesting, and badass. Being my first bad guy kit, I knew I was in for something different than the normal Gundam set up but seeing the mono-eye deal up close and the number of weapon options available had me saying "Dang bruh, maybe hail Zeon"
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Nov 8, 2021

Simple, but effective.

This kit is easily my best high grade to date. It has a nice anime accuracy and lots of room for customization. Barely any stickers. My only 2 gripes is that the rotating piece for the mono-eye doesn't have an outline for painting so I had to freehand it, and the forearm joint is just plastic on plastic so it got loose pretty quick. At least it also comes with a nice rubber skirt that allows for some amazing articulation around the hip.
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