MG Crossbone Gundam X-1 Full Cloth

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A variant of the Crossbone X-1 Gundam from the manga series "Crossbone Gundam Skull Heart." Features the Crossbone Gundam in its Full Cloth configuration. Unit comes with all original Crossbone weapons including pirate themed beam zanbar, pistol, whips, beam sabers, foot knives. A fully functional Corefighter can detach from the unit for quick escapes just like in the manga! Unique to this release is the many bladed Muramasa blaster and peacock smasher gun.

Box Contents

  • Pieces to build
    • Crossbone X-1 Gundam
    • Sword
    • Wings
    • Crossbow
  • Sword effect parts
  • Decals
  • Mini pilot figure
  • Instructions
Scale 1/100
Line MG - Master Grade
Brand Mobile Suit Gundam
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Nov 14, 2022


Arr matey, this Crossbone Gundam here do be far more than worth the askin’ price. And smuggle yerself a cache of booty with a resin kit too. Shiver me timbers! 🏴‍☠️
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Jul 31, 2022

Damn good model, but...

So this was quite possibly my most challenging build yet. The hand's do not easily accommodate holding the weapons, or really at all without some shaving. Its as if they're a millimeter too thick on the peg, or too thin on the slot that holds the weapon in the hand. And the pseudo-flintlock pistol barely fits at all with the thumb. The second time I tried fitting it in after the slight modification to the slot I made, the thumb ping'd out of it's socket, flew off of my work desk, bounced on the floor several times and disappeared into the aether. I only assume it bounced because I heard the plastic hit linoleum but didn't track it visually beyond when it went over the edge of the desk. And now I cannot find it anywhere. I cleaned the slit where the wall meets the floor, I used my flashlight, I even prayed to C'thulu that if he would return the thumb I'd help him destroy all of existence. That sucker is gone, baby, gone. I've decided I'm not going to build the full cloth portion of this gunpla because it looks dumb to me. Personal opinion, I think it's a decent design for what it is, but it's no Deathscythe Custom EW covering. I like the model a lot. I just wish they'd done the hands a little better. More securing in the thumb and a better way to attach the weapons. I don't know of a way they'd do that, or else I'd be working at Bandai.
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Jul 1, 2022

Hands are too weak

Despite being rather old, this kit is pretty solid. The finished model isn't as flimsy as I once expected, the skulls are well sculpted, accessories are awesome looking, and no polycaps. Color accuracy isn't as great as those modern day MG kits but isn't a deal breaker either. The real pain comes from weapon holding. The old schooled MG hands works poorly with the huge weapons, as the tab used to attach the weapons are too weak and the fingers provide little support. Posing can be really frustrating, as the weapons fall off very easily. Really a pity.
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Jan 18, 2021

Underrated MG

MG Crossbone Full cloth is an awesome build. Its an older MG. Core fighter is one of the most uniques designs to build. The cloth is incredible to detail and can be added or removed from the mobile suit with ease. It is very weapons heavy, BUT if you can get passed all the weapons you have to build the end result is totally worth it.
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