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Celebrating GunPla 40th anniversary, a new GunPla line called Master Grade Extreme has been announced! Also, to kick off the first release in the MGEX line, they have announced the release of a Unicorn Gundam with full LED function. The kit's CG prototype images also indicates that the kit is expanded with multiple accessories, including the hangar base, and triple shield to represent the final battle version of the Unicorn Gundam!

The LED can also change its colors from red to green. Images provided does not indicate if the frame can glow into blue but we will know in the near future once they release more information about the kit.

Mecha designer Katoki Hajime has also updated the proportions of the Unicorn Gundam, also to showcase an anime accurate features.

Bandai Spirits has also revealed how the LED strips are going to be installed inside its frame, which is also something similar to the RG Lightning edition models except that this kit is going to have a full articulation.


      box art
      Scale 1/100
      Line MGEX - Master Grade Extreme
      Brand Mobile Suit Gundam
      Series Gundam Unicorn


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      Hi, I wan't to know if you have in stock this model .
      We will be consistently getting this kit in when Bandai produces it. Add it to your wishlist to get notified.
      January 5, 2022
      Hello, I would like to know if this unicorn is fully armored.
      No, this is not the Full Armor version.
      January 5, 2022
      Is the led unit included or do I have to buy it separately?
      The LED unit is included with this kit.
      March 10, 2022
      Is the MGEX Unicorn compatible with the Weapons from the Full Armor Unicorn Ver.Ka released in 2011?
      They are not compatible, but if you do some heavy modifications, you may be able to make it work.
      September 16, 2022
      Weapons? No, but all of the extra armor and backpack stuff is.
      September 17, 2022
      Does this kit have improved articulation compare to older Unicorn kits? I remember the older kits have really low range of motion for the knees.
      Yes and no. The LED strip is fragile and any extreme motion that can crease/fold it may result in breakage.
      November 1, 2022
      Think they'll ever release more of these?
      It currently is. It was restocked 11/19/23.
      November 20, 2023
      End of 2023
      April 7, 2023
      Help! I broke the LED sheet. Where can I get a replacement for it?
      Reach out to Bandai/Bluefin. They might be able to help with replacements.
      May 3, 2023
      How fragile is the LED unit on this kit? I’ve seen on the internet that some people have broken the LED around the waist through transforming it.
      You'll wanna be extra careful. It is quite delicate as it's a "sheet" LED so any hard bends and twists are likely to cause breakage.
      July 18, 2023
      Do I need batteries for the LEDs?
      Yes. All the LEDs will connect to a battery box that slots into the base.
      December 18, 2023
      Are water slide decals included?
      Yes, in addition to the standard stickers you'd find on most HGs or MGs. The waterslides and overall design of the kit are also different from the regular VerKa and OVA, so if you want third-party decals (Delpi, etc) you'd need to specifically get the MGEX version
      May 8, 2024
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      Mar 16, 2022

      MGEX(pensive) but Worth It!

      Even for its price being around a perfect grade, this kit is definitly worth the buy in my opinion. A massive sheet of waterslide decals, LEDs, MS Cage, and an almost full armor amount of weapons makes this kit worth all the money I spent on it.
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      - Verified Purchaser
      Aug 9, 2021

      Extremely premium kit

      This kit is absolutely top notch in it's construction and design. However, the extreme price point I believe allows any and all criticism to be valid concerning this kit. The biggest problem for me on this kit are the hands. It comes with a pair of closed fists and a pair of trigger hands. The only option is the pre molded posable hands, which are barely usable. The problem with all the hands are the wrists which are the ball joint wrists that feel almost unacceptable on such a premium kit. Concerning the pre molded hands the fingers have limited posability as they are limited by the awkward construction of the hand. The only slight other problem is the vfin which doesn't close completely and you have to rely on a separate piece to get a clean look in unicorn mode. Besides that the build on the main kit is a joy and contains a lot of advanced construction that surrounds the LED strip inside. The base that comes with the kit works as it should, but honestly the hangar bay is just an extra display option that is just there to add an excuse to charge more for the kit. This kit is an absolute wonder to have and stands out in any collection and besides me packing on it so much, it is a great kit, and is definitely recommended if you have the money to spare for it.
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      Apr 13, 2021

      i love this kit

      i love this kit so much everything is perfect but its very expencive
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