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The MS-07B-03 Gouf Custom, which appeared in Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team, joins the 1/100 scale Master Grade model kit series!

This set includes pieces to build its weapons, like the 5-barrel machine gun, gattling shield, heat saber and coil like heat rod, in addition to a figure of pilot Norris Packard.

Product Features

  • 1/100 Scale
  • Made of plastic
  • Part of the Master Grade model kit line
  • From Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team
  • Includes pieces to build its iconic weaponry

Box Contents

  • Pieces to build
    • MS-07B-03 Gouf Custom
    • 5-Barrel machine gun
    • Gattling shield
    • Heat saber
    • Coil like heat rod
  • Norris Packard figure
  • Instructions
Scale 1/100
Line MG - Master Grade
Brand Mobile Suit Gundam
Series The 08th MS Team
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May 27, 2022

Old But Gold

Compared to modern MG kits, this one still holds up pretty well, and versus MGs of its time it far exceeds them. In a lot of ways it feels like a bridge between old and modern Master Grades, as it strongly gave me Zaku 2.0 vibes throughout. The only area that feels dated are the screws, but they're not that horrible in the grand scheme of things. The plastic is a lot glossier than the HG Custom, which I honestly like. The hands abandoned the rotating fingers of the early MGs for interchangeable fingers in yet another instance of this kit being ahead of its time. I tried and failed to have it hold the 2.0 Zaku Machine Gun but it works pretty well with the Zaku Bazooka, Dom Bazooka, and even the Beam Bazooka from the MG Psycho-Zaku. The Gatling shield was way more detailed than I anticipated, with the individual barrels molded individually (metallic paint, anyone?) and the wrist gun slips over the wrist joint without needing a peg like the HG. Overall, 9/10: Not a Zaku, boy.
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May 20, 2022

Awesome but loose

Good kit and MS but it is an older kit witch means. Screws and older tech and plastic quality I'd say don't get it from. Amazon because it could be a older release and older plastic sucks get a re release from Newtype.
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Jun 3, 2021

Pretty good A tier of gunpla

It was pretty simple to assemble but some things like the head and waist wires are somewhat a pain but with a little work this turns out to be a solid final product if you have problems with the arms being weak you can make the screws in the joint a little tighter
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Feb 18, 2021

MG Gouf Custom

Great kit. Looks awesome. But the Gatling gun is pretty heavy so its arms can't hold it up well. But overall a great kit.
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