Figure-rise LABO Shikinai Asuka Langley

Model Kit

Figure-rise LABO series that challenges new expressions of plastic models. The fourth research theme is "Expression of transparent suits that are in close contact with the skin"!
From the movie "Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance" comes Asuka wearing a "test plug suit" for the Eva Unit 3 boarding test!

 Body expression with shadows that make full use of molding technology.
 The clear orange part of the suit that is in close contact with the skin is reproduced by special molding of about 3 mm to about 0.3 mm at the thinnest part. Pursuing an overwhelming sense of reality by superimposing materials selected with thorough attention.
 Eye tracking injection (insert molding of the pupil) realizes the tracking of the line of sight as if Asuka was staring at us.
 Molds are processed in consideration of the properties and texture of various parts that overlap intricately.

Scale non
Line Figure-rise
Brand Neon Genesis Evangelion
Release Date April 2021
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