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MS-01 Magnetic Paint Mixer

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MS-01 CHARYBDIS Magnetic Paint Mixer

This product can be powered by both USB cable (included) and batteries (not included).  Please do not use batteries and USB power at the same time.
USB Mode hits 10,000 RPM
Battery Mode hits 6,000 RPM


1* Magnetic Paint Mixer

1* Non-slip mat for paint bottle(s)

20* Magnetic Stirring Rods

1* User Manual



I currently tape my bottles to my sawzall to shake my paints. How does this work exactly? Yeah Im that guy
It's akin to the mixers used in high school science class. It uses a magnetic "pill" that is dropped into the paint then put on top of the stand. The mixer spins the magnet thereby mixing the paint.
September 1, 2022
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Mar 20, 2022

Not enough power

Doesn't work as intended whatsoever idk what these other people are talking about but it will barley mix paint and it vibrates across the table and if the paint bottle or jar is not in the exact right spot rod doesn't spin
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Oct 8, 2021

Works good but there's a caveat

Don't use the unit with acrylic paints as the water seems to remove the coating. Also you can use magnetic rods from amazon with the unit.
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Sep 1, 2021

Very useful

I wish it came with more rods but mine worked like it should. I never had any issues using it with. I did wish it was a bit more clear with what kind of wall charger would work best with it
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- Verified Purchaser
Jul 29, 2021

Life changing tool for painting

Thank you so much to both Dispae for making this product and Newtype for selling it for such an amazing price! This product is a major game changer when it comes to painting. Before, I had to always shake my paints then my arm would be tired. However, thanks to the Paint Mixer, it cuts down your time by a lot and you don't even have to do much. It's so easy to use and set up. I'm really surprised that it gives you 20 Magnetic Stirring Rods because most products would usually give you like 5 maximum or something. Just be smart and understand this: Please do not use batteries and USB power at the same time. It's that simple. In the end, stop what you're doing and save your time when painting by getting the Paint Mixer as soon as possible. One of the best invention ever made for Gunpla painting.
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Jul 28, 2021

Defective right out of the box

I gave it a try. This was a HUGE MISTAKE. It was defective right out of the box. Yes, there was no battery in the unit and just used the USB power cable. The motor never started and no noise whatsoever. Save yourself some money and buy other paint stirrer. This is junk. There is no QA or QC on this product. Buy it at your own risk. You may get a good one or bad one; good luck
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- Verified Purchaser
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