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Gundam Pro Factory Book 2

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Gundam Pro Factory Book 2 only.  130 full color pages with excellent guidance on:

  • Sanding
  • Removing seam lines
  • Sharpening V-Fins
  • When and how to apply primer 
  • Build planning
  • Mechanical shoulder detail modification
  • Drilling
  • Panel lining 
  • Epoxy putty application
  • Modifying surface checks
  • Color schemes
  • Paint detailing
  • Top coat applications


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Oct 23, 2022

Great book, but terrible binding

This book really should be #01 as it is all the basic information about everything gunpla. Content is great, but the binding on this book is horrible. I would have rather just gotten a pdf than ever bought this physical book. It can't open anywhere near flat, and you'll have to constantly use two hands else it slaps closed or will hide half the page, and if you at all try to press the book open a little then it will just detach from the spine altogether. I seriously can't believe that this made it past the test prints, much less a whole first and 2nd run of printing these books... I struggled with the rating. The content is 5/5, but this is a physical product as well, and as such is pretty unfit, and would rate a 1/5 or 2/5, with the recommendation to be see if there is a pdf you can buy.
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