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MGSD Freedom Gundam

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Bandai's taken the incredible plamo technology of the Master Grade (MG) series and condensed it into the body of an SD Gundam!

The first kit in the high-end "MGSD" lineup is the Freedom Gundam, packed with the most mobility, gimmicks, and details in the history of the SD series!

  • When built, the MGSD Freedom Gundam is approximately 115mm (4.53 in) in height, with many parts of the internal frame equipped with movable gimmicks for smooth articulation.
  • The main camera and twin eyes are made of a double-layered structure with clear parts.
  • Bandai's new "Real Metallic Gloss Injection" technology is used in various parts to achieve a metallic effect.
  • New "Reflection Cut" mechanism is used on the clear parts inside the wing binder.
  • Molding color of the external armor is of a 2-tone color composition to add more precision.
  • The head is movable on three axes. The internal structure allows for various dynamic poses, such as chin tilting and facial protrusion.
  • Multiple movable axes built into the torso allow for a wide range of left/right swinging and forward/backward tilting motion.
  • Pivotal hip joints significantly increase the range of motion of the legs.
  • Swing mechanism at the shoulder joints enhances the range of motion of the arms.
  • Forearms are equipped with an extension gimmick, allowing the arms to be bent to a further angle.
  • Knee armor and verniers behind the knees are interlocked when bending the legs to ensure a full range of motion.
  • In addition, the movable toes allow for a natural kneeling position despite being an SD!

Product Features

  • 4.53 inches (11.5cm)
  • Made of plastic
  • Based on "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED" anime series
  • Part of the MGSD model kit series

Box Contents

  • Pieces to build:
    • MGSD Freedom Gundam
    • Wings
    • Beam rifle
    • Shield
    • 2x Beam saber parts
  • Reflective Stickers
  • Instructions
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      box art
      Scale non
      Line MGSD - Master Grade Super Deformed
      Brand Mobile Suit Gundam
      Series Gundam Seed
      Release Date March 2023


      Does it have an opening cockpit or no?
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      Mar 23, 2023

      How the f*ck is this a mini mastergrade??

      It has no cockpit whatsoever. I recomend saving your money and to me I can't say the same for other builders and collectors but no cockpits a total deal breaker and defeats the purpose of a Mastergrade. All in all not much of a min mastergrade imo =🤢🤮🤑 Nice concept but poorly executed. Way to drop the ball and half a$$ stuff as usual and let us down Bandai!! Good job go choke one along with this 🖕
      Review by
      Mar 7, 2023

      Great…for an SD

      It’s a fun kit but not a challenge compared to other modern kits. It’s amazing for an SD and has great color separation and nice gimmicks, but ultimately this is a lot you can finish in a few hours.
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