RG 16 MSM-07S Z'Gok

Model Kit

■ RG series 16th amphibious ambassadorial MS "Sharp exclusive use zook".
■ Pursue a streamline body to minimize water resistance and move at high speed.
■ Flexible interior frames with underwater high speed submarine and flexibility to cope with fierce battle are realized with new advanced MS joints.
■ Adopted sonar, which is indispensable for searching, detection, and distance measurement in water, in detail.
■ Water drain hole considering diving and levitation is reproduced with a mold.
■ Adopt spherical cockpit that assumes water resistance and pressure resistance.
■ The nail of the arms which is the most distinctive armed image is the image of the blade.
■ Reproduce the propeller structure of the legs and backpack that allows movement to all directions in the water.
Molded article × 8, Realistic decal × 1, Assembled instruction × 1

    Scale 1/144
    Line RG - Real Grade
    Assembly Guide
    SKU: BAN190183
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