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Brushwork PRO Pointed Brush M

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GodHand Brushwork

Resistant to solvents.  Strong, but delicate.

Kamifude. Designed for model painting.

"Kamifude" is a delicate brush made of synthesized hair.  The brush fiber and ferrule adhesive are engineered to be highly resistant to solvents & hot water.  Coming in a variety of shapes, this resilient brush targets your painting needs, while always feeling fresh.

Trust the tip

The hair of "Kumifude" consists of Japanese-made, artificial hair (PBT) .  You guessed it, it's the one on the left.  The right?  We've all been there.   Godhand Brushwork, like an operatic ballad, your brush, like grandpa's cabbage.  Godhand Brushwork, effortless, your brush posts ads on Craig's List.  


Again, it's the situation on the left.  

Flow chart

※ All three types have the same length for polar face contrast writing.

Shorter tips absorb and supply less water allowing the paint to dry faster.  "Kamifude" tips were designed to balance performance for a variety of needs. 


New "Softest" GodHand Brush Line!

Perfect for acrylic painting because this brush is as soft as a fat baby's bottom.
Watery paints go on smoothly without streaks.  If you touch the bristle, you’ll notice the difference immediately! 


Flat Brush
Fine Pointed Brush L
Pointed Brush M
Pointed Brush S
Oblique Brush S
Softest Filbert M
Softest Filbert L
Softest Angular
Softest Point
Softest Short Point
Chipping M
Chipping S




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