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GPaint Ultimate Starter Set 2.0

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GPaint lets you paint and create your model kits like a professional, without a primer and without experiencing the hassle of getting the "paint to thinner" ratio right. We’ve created a special recipe to make the new GPaint the toughest paint out there, and it’s also scratch resistance to protect your kits. 

Get your unique colors by combining two or more GPaint colors to give your kit a customized look! Now painting is easier than ever. Let GPaint take care of the paint while you focus on painting. 


  • Lacquer based paint
  • Primerless
  • Scratch Resistance
  • 65ML (Good for 3-4 kits)
  • Use straight out of the bottle
  • Pre-thinned and optimized for airbrushing
  • Suitable for hand painting
  • Comes in 8 colors
  • Create your colors by mixing GPaint straight out of the bottle
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Good for all types of model kits (Gunpla, Military, Mini Figures)
  • In compliance with all of the safety and health hazard codes


  1. GPaint is formulated for universal use; hence please experiment with different PSI when airbrushing to find the optimum flow for your airbrush. Recommended to try with 15psi and slowly work your way up to 40psi. 
  2. GPaint will work fine with airbrush sizes ranging from 0.2mm to 0.5mm with varying PSI. 
  3. The primer-less feature allows you to skip priming entirely to save time and money. However, if you’re painting red, yellow, or warm colors over dark parts of your kit, please paint a coat of white as a base for the colors to truly shine. Other than that, you’re good!


Join the ever-growing GPaint community for free on Discord to learn more about GPaint, exchange tips, and tutorials. Join here: https://discord.gg/v6e7fMxbbB


Store tightly capped and away from direct sunlight. Use in a well-ventilated room and away from open flames.




This paint is awesome. I quickly ran out of white and black. Do you guys sell them separately?
October 22, 2021
What type of thinner should I use for clean up?
You can use any hobby-grade lacquer thinner. See below. https://newtype.us/t/paint/thinner?paintType[0]=lacquer
October 22, 2021
works for hand painting with brush? need something extra for that?
Yes, works with hand-brushing.
November 30, 2021
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88% of customers recommend this product
Jun 20, 2022

Fantastic paint for beginners and "standard" Gundam colors

(Review updated after 6 months of use) If you're just starting out and learning to airbrush or if you simply don't want to trial lots of different kinds of paint looking for the normal Gundam Red/Blue/Yellow, this is a great option. All colors come pre-thinned for easy airbrush use, clean up fairly well with a lacquer thinner (I use Mr. Hobby thinner and it does the trick) and provide a very good finish. These paints fall short in two areas: consistency in thinning and the finished color. First, the paints can be anywhere from too thick to far too thin. In my case they were not thinned enough and required more thinner to reach a consistency where they could be applied slowly and evenly without cranking up the pressure. Some colors are the total opposite, and are so thin they just run right off the part. I prefer to keep a consistent pressure across every paint, where these require changing the pressure with each change in color to match whatever the consistency is. Don't let images of the "settled" paint fool you into thinking they're overly-thinned, that's what happens to all pre-thinned paints, these are usually not thinned enough! The other issue is in the color quality itself: These are typically duller and less vibrant than more established brands, and because of that I've started moving away from the GPaint line as I run out of a color. It does cost more and I have to go through the process of thinning and bottling each one, but the end result is typically worth the extra effort. I'd recommend these for anybody who is getting started with airbrushing and isn't too worried about their paint specifics but is learning the various aspects of airbrushing. Once you've got a handle on it though, there are much better options available.
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Oct 30, 2021

Paying for thinner and dropper bottles

TLDR: Good quality paint for beginners and great for custom color mixing, but too thin and far too expensive just to learn on. Bought this as an absolute beginner because of how seemingly beginner friendly it’s advertised to be. I find that the paint is pre-thinned far too much (about 80/20 I included a picture of an unopened bottle when settled) which leads to needing to use an excessive amount of product to achieve even coverage. Along with the starter set, I bought a $13 bottle of GSI leveling thinner as well as two $3 pods of mr color in aluminum and brass. Hand thinning those to about 55/45 they go on much more evenly and in far fewer coats. The yellow included in this set is almost unusable. It takes 6+ coats to achieve coverage even over light primer. It’s so thin that the solvent in a second coat can actually wash away the pigment from previous coats. They advertise as great for brush painting but there’s absolutely no way. It takes about 20 coats with a brush as the paint is like a thin wash more than a base color. I will say the fact that they are all thinned to an even consistency and in dropper bottles makes mixing colors a BREEZE and was absolutely the best part of the experience. However: $13 of GSI leveling thinner plus 8 equivalent pods of Mr. color at $3 a piece and $5 of dropper bottles from Amazon and you have a better experience for half the price. The end result is very good and I’m pleased with the ultimate outcome, but the process has taken longer than it should have and cost far too much for what it is.
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Aug 14, 2021

Floored at the Quality

I was a bit hesitant to get this set at first, it sounds almost too good to be true, but these are some seriously good paints. My first run with them was partly done on primer and also done straight onto the plastic, both adhered amazingly and were equally scratch resistant. As someone still relatively new to airbrushing these are an amazing jumping off point to get started and just focus on technique. Recommend these wholeheartedly.
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Aug 9, 2021

Amazing Quality!!!!

I just finished painting my most recent kit with this paint and all I can say is WOW!!! I was a little nervous but these paints are ready right out of the box and the quality of the paint is absolutely amazing!!! Also, I seen a review saying that the paint is overpriced, but if you do the math for 32.5ml ($3.00 for 10ml) that is ~$11. With this kit you get 8 bottles, which would be $88 worth of paint, not including thinner, which is an additional $10. All together, the kit is still saving you roughly $20 and the time of mixing your paints yourself! Neverstopbuilding!
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Jul 31, 2021

Best starter paint set!

This paint don't need any primer!! Just shake, open it & Ready to use.
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