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SF-15 Siren Glass File

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May 28, 2023

Beginner's best friend

On my first build I used this alongside several different sanding sticks. And after experimentation- I've already decided this was the most helpful item in my kit. it gets the nubs down until only a vague rectangle is left- if not entirely gone. usually I go until theres no white marks or bumps- as it REALLY polishes the surface up; which did stand out on my first build. Regardless though- it's a cheap and reliable tool. and get a roll of masking tape. The file gets clogged REALLY quick. HOWEVER, a good strip of masking tape slapped onto it will remove most if not all of the dust.
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Apr 4, 2022

Get your toothbrush ready

Takes off a ton of plastic, though it'll clog every few nubs. Have a toothbrush ready to get the plastic out. Cheap though so it's fine for the price.
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Feb 26, 2022

A very nice glass file for the price

Heads up to anyone that get this, there are two things you got to keep an eye out for: 1 it will buff things to a nice shine 2 keep masking tape close because that's the best way to clean it after a few swipes of it on a gate some say you can use water but I don't see good results from dipping it in water As long as you keep those in mind this tool is very useful and if you have the extra cash, I say get this
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