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Brushwork Short Grip Point Brush S

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●Point Brush S/GH-EBRSYP-MS/4562349874378
The bristle is same as Point Brush S of Brushwork PRO.
Short and controllable grip let you put the bristle in any way as you want it to, so easy to paint even tiny spot.
Best for drawing figure's face, tiny pattern, and touching up.
Bristle size: Length of bristles: 5mm/ Width of brush: 0.8mm
●Can find comfortable holding way.
→You can find the best way to hold it intuitively in each occasion.
Make painting more fun and freer with short grip.

●Grip never bother you.
→When you use loupe and microscope, short grip does not hit the lens and can paint freely.
Also, I tend to close my face to a part when I paint tiny spot and hit my face with grip. (I believe it is not only me.)
After I use ShortGrip, never happen again and my cheek is safe 🙂

●Easy to control with short grip.
→Holding it in your palm, painting without bothering your sight if you hold it upright with fingers....
Can control brush as you want it to because of short grip!

★What is “Sharp Point”?★
Sharp Point Fine/ Sharp Point Extra Fine have harder bristles (please refer picture).
The bristle is harder, so the tip is hard to be separated and easy to paint accurately and exactly where you want to.

So, you get all you need to know about Brushwork ShortGrip and now is the time to get and feel them in your palm!




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