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SPN-120 Ultimate Nipper

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The gold standard. These single-blade nippers cut with precision and result in minimal stress.  Manufactured by Kobe Steel Works, they feature a set screw, quality spring, and an iconic leather sleeve. 

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Is it possible to sharpen the blade on these or do you just have to buy another one?
Sharpening nippers may improve near term effectiveness at the cost of shortening the tool's lifespan. There are youtube tutorials on how to do it.
February 20, 2022
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Jun 28, 2022

Best nippers

Yes I know their expensive, But trust me dont knockem till youve tried them. No nipper on the market cuts anywhere as clean as the godhand. I think the $10-15 premium completely justifies the cost of having the best of the best.
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Jan 7, 2022

Couldn't believe it.

Beginner here. I thought I overpaid for something that I could do with my hands and scissors. No. After my first 2 gunplas, this is a must have.
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Dec 2, 2021

Clean Cuts

I first started with the tamiya 123 nippers and they are really nice for beginners. I bought these nippers and I could tell the difference right away. I usually use the tamiyas to cut off the parts from the runners and then I use the godhands to clean off the nub. If you cut the runner close to the part with the tamiyas, then you can see part of the nub still. However with the godhands, you can barely see the nub and it makes it easier to sand down. Overall these a the best nippers that I have personally owned and if you have the money you should buy one.
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Nov 26, 2021


Best nipper I have ever had in my life because I often use the Keadic one that comes in the set on amazon that cost about 10.99
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