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Cordless Round Saw

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Convenient for cutting brass pipes and plastic bars

A small electric circular saw that is useful for cutting small-diameter brass pipes and plastic bars used in plastic assembly models.
● Easy handling with USB rechargeable cordless type. The built-in battery is a lithium polymer rechargeable battery that can be recharged repeatedly and has sufficient operation time
● A material fixing clip is set in the main body, allowing the material to be processed to be firmly fixed. (Fixable size: up to 3.5mm in diameter) In addition, a scale that is a guide for the cut size is engraved, which is convenient for cutting work.
● Bodyweight: Approximately 155g
● Continuous use time: 15 minutes (recommended)

[Caution] When
using continuously, we recommend that you turn off the switch once in about 15 minutes (OFF / CHG) and then rest for about 10 minutes.
● This product cannot be used during charging due to its specifications.
● Built-in battery: Lithium polymer rechargeable battery (3.7V 700mAh)
・ Power supply DC 5.0V (supplied from the USB port)
・ Charging time: Approx. 1 hour
・ Total operating time: Approx. 1 hour (no-load / full charge)
・ Continuous use Time: 15 minutes (recommended)

* Be sure to use the dedicated USB charging cable to charge this product. In addition, please do not charge the battery from a computer other than the USB port because sufficient safety cannot be confirmed.


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