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The ultimate GunPla building experience that encapsulates 40 years of GunPla has arrived! Since the first GunPla released in 1980, new experimental methods of assembly and part molding have been continuously developed leading to this Gundam PG Unleashed 1/60 RX-78-2 Gundam model kit, the culmination of the GunPla Evolution Project started in 2015 to set new standards in model kits.

The new Gundam PG Unleashed RX-78-2 Gundam model kit is designed to replicate the experience of building a real life robot, starting from the internal skeletal frame and moving outward all the way to the external armor. The 6 evolution points include the ease of assembly, articulation, multi-layered structure, different materials for external detail, and new expressive detail via color changing LEDs. The completed model features the largest size insert molded joint structure ever created at over 10 mm (7”) that can articulate immediately after being cut from the runner. Over 90 points of articulation including working pistons, sliding mechanisms are featured, with 40 points being in the chest structure alone to allow for the most poseable model kit ever in this size.

The internal skeletal frame features layers of mechanical truss detail accentuated via different colors including silver, gray, gold with multiple parts being combined to form unique shapes. The outer armor features not only plastic in different finishes such as silver plating, chrome plating, gold plating but also a different number of materials including Aluminum parts for the head vulcans and backpack verniers, metallic 3D stickers, and sticker photo-etch parts for high levels of detail.

Finally an LED beam saber and a color changing LED is present in the head and chest to display the Gundam in various states of combat or maintenance. A magnet system, the first ever in GunPla supports the massive shield on to the arm while numerous maintenance hatches all over the RX-78-2 can be opened to showcase the highly detailed internal mechanisms. LED lights require Lr41 batteries (sold separately).

Product Features

  • 1/60 Scale
  • Made of plastic
  • Over 90 points of articulation throughout the body
  • Features LED lights in beam saber and throughout the body
  • From the Mobile Suit Gundam anime series

Box Contents

  • Pieces to build 
    • RX-78-2 Gundam
    • Shield
    • 2 Beam sabers
    • Beam rifle
  • LED lights
  • Sayla figure
  • 3 Amuro figures
  • Magnet set
  • Aluminum parts
  • Decals
  • Metallic stickers
  • Instructions
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    box art
    Scale 1/60
    Line PGU - Perfect Grade Unleashed
    Brand Mobile Suit Gundam
    Series Mobile Suit Gundam
    Release Date November 2020


    any possibility of restock this year?
    Hi, We do not have an exact date but we will stock all new/past Bandai releases. We suggest adding this product to your wishlist so you are notified as soon as we have it in stock.
    March 10, 2022
    when will this be back in stock 2023,2024 or a later date?
    Best answer anyone's gonna give you is soonTM, since afaik bandai has stopped putting out their reprint schedule
    October 12, 2023
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    Feb 19, 2023

    Great kit. A lot of fun, easy.

    The kit looks amazing I’ll say that first. No problems with any pieces not fitting together the whole way gates were super nice to remove and no nub marks where it matters. Directions were nice and clear. I have two complaints I don’t like the forearm movement/pivot it’s not necessary and only gave more joints to get loose over time. And at this price point this should have waterslides, stickers are terrible as usual and I tried them and removed them right away cause they don’t look good. Waiting on water slides from 3rd party. Also the metal etching stickers are nice but how the instructions tell you to take the backing off you have the adhesive side toward you but it reads like that would be the non sticky side so be aware. The core fighters wings are terrible too the don’t have much at all the hold the wing open they kinda just fall down pretty easily. But overall I’m satisfied its a great looking kit with some heft to it. I would like to buy a second to display without the armor too that’s how nice it is.
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    Jun 9, 2022

    Super fun, first perfect grade kit!

    Took me almost two months, but once it was finished, it’s probably my best looking model to date! Love having a massive grandpa gundam as the centerpiece of my collection. Every little detail is so well thought out and fun to nerd out on. 100% recommend!!
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    - Verified Purchaser
    Nov 28, 2021

    Got me hooked

    This was the first Gundam kit I ever attempted. The kit gave me no difficulty at all and looks amazing. The quality and detail were better than expected.
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