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  • 【10" 8K Monochrome LCD】  ELEGOO Saturn 2 adopts a 10-inch 8K mono LCD screen with an HD resolution of 7680x4320 and an ultra-fine XY resolution of 28.5 microns, outputting outstandingly detailed 3D models with a cure time of only 1-3s per layer. The scratch-resistant tempered glass above the LCD screen with 9H hardness for better light transmission and protection.
  • 【43% Larger than Saturn's Printing Volume】With a build volume of 219x123x250mm / 8.62x4.84x9.84 inch and a 10” large mono LCD screen make the prototype size larger and the curing efficiency higher, you can print one larger model or multiple smaller models in a single batch.
  • 【Fresnel Collimating Light Source】Fresnel collimating light source consists of 48 highly integrated UV LED lights that work with FCL system Fresnel lens to emit a uniform light beam of 405nm wavelength, excellent printing accuracy, and a more smooth surface finish.
  • 【Reliable Printing Performance】The Z-axis is designed with dual linear rails and non-slip hexagon socket leveling screws for ultra-steady & accurate movement and remarkable printing performance. The sandblasted surface build plate provides much stronger adherence, and PFA release liner with easier model removal and less release tension.
  • 【Odor-free Printing Environment】The air filtration system with an activated carbon filter can absorb most of the resin odor, creating an odor-free fresh printing environment. Double heat-conducting copper heat tubes with faster heat transfer and better heat dissipation efficiency prolong the service life of 3D printers
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Mar 28, 2023

Really Nice

I've been printing since 2017 but this was my first SLA printer. Troubleshooting is sooo much easier then a FDM printer. Other than the cleaning and fumes, it’s the way to go for fine detail printing. Definitely make sure you have a clear area with good ventilation. Also best to get a silicone mat to put underneath the whole work area. It does come with 2 or 3 pairs of gloves and I think 5 filters for straining resin back into the bottle. I would get a box of gloves and a roll or two of paper towel and always have a trash can ready. And please do wear a mask in addition to good ventilation! I also got the Mercury Cure and wash set and a bottle of the 8K Space Gray Photopolymer Resin.
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