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CN-120 Craft Grip Series General-Purpose Nipper

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Double-edged general-purpose nippers that can be used in a wide range of applications!


Product Features:

  • The surface of the blade is curved and useful when you don't want to scratch the surrounding surface or when you want to cut off unnecessary parts.
  • It can be used for various crafts such as models, handmade accessories (9-pin and T-pin cuts, etc.), wire art, and electronic crafts.
  • Cutting target: brass wire Φ1.5mm or less, nickel silver wire Φ1.0mm or less, copper wire Φ1.0mm or less, aluminum wire Φ2.0mm or less
  • *Not suitable for Stainless steel wire. Piano wire cannot be cut.*


Total length: Approx. 120mm

Weight: Approx. 60g

Material: Carbon steel

Spring structure: Leaf spring

Handle coating: TPR

Blade hardness: HRC54 or higher

Safety/Care Information:

Because objects may fly, make sure that there are no people around and that there are no fragile objects nearby before starting work.

Do not touch the cutting edge directly.

Do not overload. Pay particular attention to the load on the tip.

To prevent rust, wipe off dirt and fingerprints, and apply oil to the shaft and cutting edge.

Store in a case out of reach of small children.

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