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Genesis (Limited Edition w/ Metal Joints)

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Build one of the best 3rd party kits of all time: the newly released Limited Edition Genesis from Infinite Dimension!

The Genesis is presented in 1/100 scale, features die-cast metal parts for the joints, and is fully under-gated. Once completed, this fully articulated model can transform into aircraft fighter mode!

Product Features

  • 1/100 Scale
  • Made of plastic and diecast 
  • Fully articulated figure once complete
  • Can convert from mecha to aircraft
  • Features die-cast parts for joints

Box Contents

  • Pieces to build:
    • Tactical Unit Defender Aircraft Genesis
    • Clear armor parts
    • Action base
  • Waterslide Decals & Foil Stickers
  • Instructions
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Scale 1/100
Release Date April 2023


can you confirm .it does bring the die cast parts for the joints ,thank you for thinking of me on this new arrival
This is the limited first edition with metal joints.
April 5, 2023
What kind of decals does it come with? Does it come with standard stickers or water slides?
The Genesis comes with both waterslide decals and foil stickers for detail.
April 5, 2023
Is the deluxe edition, collectors edition, and this edition, Just the same with metal parts? or is there any difference?
they are all the same. the only two versions are the regular and metal frame version. the one newtype carries is the metal frame version
April 11, 2023
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May 22, 2023

Great 3rd party model, with some flaws

Overall the build is very good, and the finished product is gorgeous to look at. The clear plastic parts that form the many "windshields" on the model are really nicely colored, and glow nicely under blue lights. The kit only comes with two pistols, the main gun and a shield, no beam sabers. The weapons are all quite detailed and look great once assembled, and the pistols can be stored on its tallgeese-style verniers in the back. The gun and shield can't be stored on the model if they aren't being held. I haven't attempted to transform the kit yet, since I prefer it in its humanoid form, but it looks quite complex to do, and there are a couple of parts you have to add specifically for the vehicle form that aren't normally present on the humanoid model. Most of the parts are undergated, so nubs and marks will be very scarce on the final build, though you'll have to do a lot of trimming before you can attach each part together, which does get annoying. Some of the undergates are attached in difficult to reach places as well, which makes trimming even more of a chore. Finally, the die cast joints are sort of a blessing and a curse, they make some joints extremely tight, and others really loose. on my model, the elbow and knee joints are very loose, and with the large, heavy gun, it struggles to keep a pose. I wouldn't say this is a better kit than the Zero Gravity Judge, but it's a comfortable second in my opinion.
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Apr 25, 2023

Very solid kit. Fun build.

This is the best 3rd party kit I have built since a few daban offerings and can say the qc of the plastic parts are perfect. Everything is fully molded out, all parts were there, everything we t together smooth as bandai. The instructions had a few mistakes with part numbers, but nothing too hard to miss. The diagrams don't show things very clearly on some parts, so don't push or glue anything until you are sure you put it on right. It's very easy to put parts on backwards if you aren't meticulous. The metal parts were actually the only detractor. The tolerances are way too tight and twisting stuck metal parts against tight plastic is a recipe for a broken joint and frustration. I ended up only using the metal parts for the leg inner frames, and avoided using the metal on any pivot joints. This had the added bonus of helping it stand easily with the weight placement. All in all, a great build out of the box without the bonus metal parts.
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Apr 20, 2023

Overall Great Build

This has been a fantastic build overall. I have a few things here and there to cover so, here we go. ---- Overall Colors - Very Good There is a lot of breaks between the colors for the parts and there is a lot of defining edges which gives the kit a very refined look. The generous amount of undergates help a lot in this kit to keep that hi-definition as well. The handguns could use a bit more color; maybe white or blue for the barrel casing. Very minimal gapping between the colors when they are mounted on the frame also creates a psuedo panel lined look is cool. Die-Cast Parts - Decent but prone to flashing The metal parts give this kit some real heft! Makes the legs and the main moving points very sturdy. While very clean looking, the hole tolerances are extremely tight and sometimes contain some flashing from the casting process. Bring a file. Some of the mounting points for the armor plating may not be as clean as the outer surfaces. I've found that I needed to file some of the holes so that it would accept the plastic connections correctly. One of the major offenders was the ankle armor connection. That was so very tight that I felt like I had to use an enormous amount of pressure to get the ball joint to pass the hole. This later turned into really loose floppy ankle plates that I had to do some minor tightening of the joint. I had to do similar tightening on the left hip connection as well. Overall the fitment of the parts to the metal is very good despite the few adjustments. Instructions - Easy To Follow but doesn't mention certain things Readability and organization is very good and easy to follow. However, this is the metal version and the instructions don't state at all where the metal parts replace the plastic ones. Be sure to look at the metal parts when you are on the Legs and Arms. I really liked the Fast Index showing you which runners you need for a given section. its made it real easy for me to pull them all, nip out all the parts to begin the clean up process. This is a minor thing, but when working on the arms, they didn't differentiate the left and right arms. But that's perfectly fine as the only real difference is the orientation of the shoulders. Part Stability (installed parts falling off or moving) - Good but not perfect A couple of the pieces (e.g. the grey/off-black wing edges, top of the gun tip) only secure on certain places of the kit and have some play in them. The ones I dealt was fixed with a little glue (I used Tamiya's Extra Thin Cement). I found this to be mostly the grey/off-black parts that didn't stay put. If you are going to glue things, make sure they are not part of a moving assembly. Fortunately for me it was mainly decoration parts. For the main panels and end pieces, they connected well and have no play at all. ---- I have not put the water slides in yet, but intend to in the future. I did apply the foil stickers and they do make more of those small details pop. If you don't plan on painting, do yourself a favor and use those foil stickers. They look great.
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