FW Gundam Converge Set 21 Mobile Suit Gundam

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This is the 21st volume of the FW Gundam Converge series from Bandai Shokugan. Collect all six uniquely stylized Mobile Suit trading figures, approximately 2.2" in height. This Special Set includes all six Mobile Suits. Character lineup includes: Nu Gundam (Double Fin Funnel Equipment Type), Re-GZ Custom, Aegis Gundam, Blitz Gundam, Zaku I, and Zaku I (Black Tri-Stars).

Scale non
Line FW Converge
Brand Mobile Suit Gundam
Release Date July 2021
SKU: BAN62705



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Jun 23, 2022

I’m obsessed with collecting these now

I loved these so much that I’ve started collecting more of the converge series to decorate my hobby area. Apparently these have been around in Japan for almost two decades . As soon as I ran out of the ones available in the USA, I started buying them off Japanese collector sites. I’ve even found Gundam kits I only learned about because of these figures
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Dec 7, 2021

A great set of Gundam Converge Figures

Really happy I got these Gundam Converge figures. In general, I think the Gundam Converge line is great for collectors or fans of Gundam. They have great painted details, are a good size, and offer a good variety of Mobile suits in each set. I also wanted to break down some specific things to this set to help explain the score I gave. One thing I enjoyed with this set is you get a copy of each figure. In other blind box sets I've purchased, you may wind up getting some duplicates. For each individual figure the details and colors are perfect; however, a couple figures had a some slight issues. The Aegis gundam is my favorite design in the set; however, it's high-heeled style of feet make it difficult to plug into its base since the hole in the foot is at an angle. I'm sure with a little modification it would be easy to tighten the attachment point. The Blitz Gundam in my set had one of its legs slightly bent, so it kind of casually leans when attached to the base. It's by no means a major issue, and not something that would be consistent with each set. Lastly, the standard (Green) Zaku I has a Machine Gun and Bazooka. While the customization options are nice, it's been a little difficult finding a place to store the unused weapon. The weapons are small too, so it may be easy to lose them unless they are stored in a secure place.
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