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    • This Frame Arms Girl utilizes a completely new model design.

    • The signature sub‐arms of the Frame Arms Greifen are recreated in the Frame Arms Girl Greifen as an oversized mecha suit.

    • Similar to the Frame Arms Hresvelgr, which was also designed by Tomotake Kinoshita, Greifen’s mecha suit can be converted into a two‐legged vehicle which is also compatible with other Frame Arms Girls.

    • The fingers on the mecha hands are moveable.

    • The mecha suit is equipped with 3mm connection points, making it compatible with existing parts from the M.S.G and Frame Arms series.

    • The model comes with a clear helmet based on the helmet parts from the original Frame Arms Greifen. The Frame Arms Girl also comes with modified hair parts to use with the helmet.

    • In her unarmed form, Greifen can use the hand knife, rocket launcher, and machine gun as weapons.

    • The model comes with three interchangeable face parts: “looking forward,” “looking right,” and “smiling/looking left.”

    • The face parts are pre‐printed, allowing you to easily recreate the model’s default appearance without paint or decals.

    • The included beret is fully detachable.

    • The model uses the same joint parts as the Hresvelgr Frame Arms Girl.

    • The model can be displayed with either a necktie or mecha parts based on the Frame Arms Greifen.

    • The connection shaft for the thighs is a sliding joint, allowing for a wider range of movement.

    • The wrists are equipped with a ball joint that are compatible with the hand parts from existing Frame Arms Girls, allowing for a wide range of poses and customizations.

    • The model comes with four types of hands (closed, open 1, open 2, holding weapons).

  • The model kit contains decals for the eyes and other markings.
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