HGIBO 001 Gundam Barbatos

Model Kit
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Based on the Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans anime, this Gundam Barbatos model kit is in the 1/144 scale and becomes a fully articulated figure once built. 

Product Features

  • 1/144 Scale
  • Made of plastic
  • From Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans
  • Fully articulated figure once complete

Box Contents

  • Pieces to build
    • Gundam Barbatos
    • Sword
    • Mace
  • Foil stickers
  • Instructions
Scale 1/144
Line HG - High Grade
Number 1 / 41
Brand Mobile Suit Gundam
Series Iron-Blooded Orphans
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Jul 27, 2022

High-Grade Sticker Hell

This kit was my fifth GUNPLA kit ever, and it is the most disappointing so far. This kit could've been color accurate in several places with molded parts instead of stickers, yet Bandai of course chose the cheaper option of spamming stickers on this thing. The blue is also not as vibrant as I would've expected. It doesn't catch the light well. Beware the pinkish-red symbols on the legs and shoulders. These are by far the worst stickers of all. They accomplish the look but are very thin, long, and flimsy. Application is harder than I'd expect from a HG. If I wanted this much difficulty, I'd have bought the MG or Full Mechanics kit. And even with all these stickers, it is STILL color inaccurate on the left-arm shield and the shoulder armor vents (should be yellow), as well as other small parts. Forget the stickers, just paint it. Additionally, the big gun comes in HGIBO parts set 1, which is a disappointment. I knew this before buying, but still, come on Bandai. For weapons this kit only comes with the mace and katana. This kit gets an extra star for impressive articulation, including TOE BEND. THAT was unexpected, and is the only thing carrying this kit to a 3-star rating. I would've given it a 2-star otherwise. I'm only keeping this kit because I want to improve it. TL;DR: Buy the MG and paint it. Skip this kit.
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Jul 5, 2022


Gundam Barbados is one of my favorite gundam of all fun kit
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May 31, 2022

Pretty good for starters

This build was super fun and when it’s finish it’s even better the only annoying things are the stickers but that’s just me. Don’t let the stickers slow you down and think bad though this build is a high grade and the balance with the build it so good too even with the weapons you don’t need a stand to pose it
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May 21, 2021

Actually Pretty Good

For the price, it's great but the sticker usage could've been traded for the better color separation, I would've been ok with that. The detail is pretty good but not as good as the rex or lupus. All in all, a pretty good kit for a beginner.
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Apr 20, 2021

Fun build!

Simple, clean, big weapon cool. Bought at Target so cheap too! Some of the stickers were annoying (i.e. look at feet, I tried 4 times to make them look good but I don't think it's user error this time around)
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