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HG Jo Hound

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From "Amaim Warrior", mass-produced AMAIM Joe Hound, designed by Kanetake Ebikawa and fully open to the military taste of the North American Alliance Army, has been added to the lineup!

  • The magazine and grenade can be attached and detached from the dedicated rifle.
  • Reproduce the parked state and changes in facial expressions by opening and closing the head shutter.
  • Two types of hand parts are included. The weapon holder slides the back parts to reproduce the knuckle mode.


  • Hand parts Weapon handle (left and right), flat hand (left and right)
  • Rifle (equipped with grenade launcher) x 1
  • Seal x 1
    Scale 1/72
    Line HG - High Grade
    Brand Kyoukai Senki / Amaim
    Series Kyoukai Senki / Amaim
    Release Date June 2022




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