Petit Rits 05 Saber/Miyamoto Musashi

Model Kit
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Saber-class servant appearing in "Fate / Grand Order", Musashi Miyamoto is now available in the Petit Ritsu series!
■ Colorful and easy-to-assemble kit using color plastic. Simple parts configuration allows easy assembly even for beginners.
■ It is a cute deformed shape without breaking the impression while maintaining the characteristic silhouette line of the character.
■ Characteristic hairstyle is reproduced with fine parts division.
■ Possession of the second stage of the spirit base that matches the costume is possible by moving the upper body!
■ Effect parts are included in the "water sword" and "flame sword" that have been reproduced up to the pattern details!
■ A dedicated pedestal inspired by characters is included.

■ Japanese sword x 2
■ Effect × 2 types
■ Base x 1
■ Kinas Seal × 1
■ foil sticker × 1

Scale non
Brand Fate/Grand Order




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