Petit Rits 01 Shielder/Mash Kyrielight

Model Kit
Spicy size put in Petit size! New brand "Plitch" birth!!
From the RPG "Fate / Grand Order" for smartphones, a line-up of Mash Kyrielight!!
■ Deforms into three bodies without breaking the impression, leaving the character's characteristics Intact.
■ We Produce Posing With A Feeling Of Movement By Movement Of The Upper Body!
■ While Feeling The Size Of The "Treasure" To Reproduce The Details!
■ Effect Pedestal Which Imaged Character, Shield Is Attached.
■ Easy To Enjoy Even Beginners with a simple parts configuration!
■ Assembly assembling is easy by snap fitting method without adhesive.
■ Sprue It is color-coded and the completion is colorful without painting! If you put a dedicated seal further quality up!

[ Accessories ]
■ Shield × 1
■ pedestal × 1

[Item content]
■ Sprue × 2
■ Kinasu seal × 1
■ foil sticker × 1

Scale non
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