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Iridescent Turquoise to Green 30ml

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- 30ml container

Iridescent airbrush paint, water-based acrylic color.

This iridescent paint color shifts, it is non toxic and dries fast.

Over white it is more turquoise, over black it is more green.

Good for all surfaces and materials.

Ready to spray for 0.3mm airbrush.

Must be diluted for smaller nozzle.

Iridescent paint water based for scale model airbrush.

Ready to spray and non toxic acrylic water borne paint.

Use them between 1.5 and 2 bar with a 0.3mm nozzle.

Apply dry layers more than wet layers.

Dry layer means that you spray 80%-90% air and 10%-20% paint.

Medium Wet Layer means that you spray 50% air and 50% paint.

Wet layer means that you spray 70% paint and 30% air.

Wet layer is ok just after you apply some dry layers or medium wet before.

Wet layers are not necessary to have a perfect results, it's better to apply several dry or medium wet layers.

Finally clean the color with water base cleaner.

What this paint do

This paint reflect different shades of color.

The color transition is more strong over black and less strong over white.

Iridescent color are easy to apply over our Kustom Service Primer white or black, grey or other color primer are not suggest.

Is also possible apply iridescent paint over common Kustom Service colors white or black

Iridescent colors can be also applied over different colors from pure white or pure black.

How to understand the right base color?

Simply read the name of your Iridescent color, for example Blue to Green and choose to apply this paint over a green or over a blue.

All blue and all green will ok.

Usually dark base tones are better than light base, so for example if you have Blue to Green choose to apply over a dark blue or dark green more than over a light blue or acid green.


All iridescent paints are made of special pearls and for this reasons these pearl work better on dark tones base,

Iridescent paints change a lot upon the number of layers you apply.

Try to apply 2 or 3 layers over pure black and look the final result, after that apply 4 or 6 layers on another shape and compare two results.

Finally you understand the meaning of this experiment.


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