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Continuing the line of Unicorn Gundam Master Grade kits is the MG ReZEL. The ReZEL is able to fully transform into its Wave Rider form thanks to some ingenious engineering. The legs fold completely when transforming which means this kit will be able to assume some mean standing poses! The included Beam Sabers are capable of mounting onto the fore-arms and the same mount is used to attach the rifle.The hatch opens to reveal the included 1/100 scale pilot figure. All pieces are molded in color and snap-fit so no glue or paint are required. Clear parts and marking stickers are also provided.
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Scale 1/100
Line MG - Master Grade
Brand Mobile Suit Gundam
Series Gundam Unicorn
Release Date October 2010


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Nov 22, 2022

Decent transforming Master Grade

Coming from the Unicorn era of MGs, this is shockingly one of the more solid transforming kits of that era. The MG Delta Plus being a hand grenade of course. This kit was a good build overall, with a fair bit of detail (could use more panel lines and color separation). Overall I am less of a fan of the massvie amoutn of uninterrupted blue coloring on this kit. Eventually i'll get around to repainting some of it. The body itself is a pretty cool ultra futuristic looking MS. Its head is quite a good looking bit as well. Transformation wise, i never got round to it as it looked too complex and the one time i tried, I gave up early on. i didnt want to break the kit by trying to tranform it. Overall, its a decent MG. About what one would expect from this era. If you love Gundam Unicorn and want all the MGs from the OVA , get it, otherwise, there are better ones out there.
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