Figure-rise Frieza

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Freeza renews the package and appears! !

■ Create the ultimate body with the amazing “Muscle Build System”.
■ Reproduce the body of the most brutal warrior with muscle expression by parts division that can only be done by a plastic model.
■ Combine the dividing line of the joint with the muscle line to realize a more natural joint as a figure.
■ Reproduce by simply assembling the characteristic face of Freeza. Reproduce the colors by dividing parts into the eyes and whites.
■ In addition to facial parts with different facial expressions, hand parts and effect parts that reproduce the special techniques are included.

hand part 3 types (5: grip, palm, index finger)
Death ball effect
death beam effect
facial expression two types (fearless smile, anger)
foil seal accessories


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    Line Figure-rise
    Brand Dragon Ball Z


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