HGUC 203 Zeta Gundam (Revive)

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As a part of the "GUNPLA EVOLUTION PROJECT" for Gunpla's 40th Anniversary, a new and improved Zeta Gundam is launching into the HG series! This latest format features optimal proportions for each form of the Zeta Gundam.

Recreate diverse poses with the most flexible range of motion in the history of the HG series! The shoulder parts can be moved both forwards and backwards as well as up and down. Ball joints allow the shoulder parts to swivel as well as move backwards and forwards.

Designed with accurate proportions, this figure can transform to Wave Rider form. Recreate the fully equipped form with the diverse weaponry that is included! 

Product Features

  • 5 inches (12.70cm) when complete
  • 1/144 scale
  • Part of the "GUNPLA EVOLUTION PROJECT" for Gunpla's 40th Anniversary
  • Highly poseable once assembled
  • Includes weapon accessories


  • Pieces to build Zeta Gundam
    • Beam Rifle
    • Arm-mounted Grenade launcher (left and right)
    • Hyper Mega Launcher
    • 2 Beam Saber
    • Shield (grenade launched included)
    • Wave Rider joint set
Scale 1/144
Line HG - High Grade
Number 203 / 242
Brand Mobile Suit Gundam
Series Zeta Gundam
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Aug 12, 2022

great kit, some problems

first thing i wanna say is if you get this kit, i HIGHLY recommend getting an action base to go with it. this one had issues with its hip joints not being able to properly bear its own weight in most poses and the torso to waist connection is a bit weak. those two points aside its a wonderful kit, very heavy on CC stickers (mostly the red on the wings) but if you plan to paint this theres no real issue. this kit is a partsformation kit, meaning you swap out parts to go between mobile suit and wave rider modes. the majority of the armor for the torso is designed to be removable along with the backskirt and side skirt along with the arms, legs and backpack.
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Jun 27, 2022

Too much color correction by stickers

This Zeta Gundam is a parts-former -- after all it's just HG. Having no real transformation also makes both modes more robust and easy to handle, which is nice. My main problem, in the end, is with color separation. The huge, irregularly shaped red areas on the wings are colored by stickers and they don't work out very well -- seams are pretty conspicuous. Because the background color is dark, it's also hard to paint them.
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Apr 28, 2022

Into the zetaverse

Amazing kit with great articulation and detail. The partsforming for the Waverider mode is flawless and very sturdy compared to its MG counterpart.
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Apr 1, 2022

This is Zeta

This HG is a must have for Zeta fans and gunpla builders. It's a nice looking kit that comes together with style both in mobile suit form and jet form. I had some trouble with the legs because of it's mechanism for the jet mode. Make sure to read that part of the instructions carefully. Next chance you get add it to your bag!
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Mar 6, 2022

A great Zeta Kit

It delivers on what the Gundam Evolution Project said it would give, which was better articulation than the older HGUC, and a better transformation, which makes this a great option for a 1/144 Zeta. The only downside is the wing binders need the red trim painted or you have to use the included sticker for accuracy. I don’t know why they didn’t just mold it, as Bandai proved they could with the P-Bandai 0088 version. Otherwise amazing kit.
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