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Hexa Gear Aerial Fighter Woodpecker

Model Kit
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■ You can freely customize this model using the 3mm Arm Extension Joints and 3mm Leg Extension Joints that are usable with 3mm mounting joints as seen in Frame Arms, etc.

■ The cockpit can be opened and closed to set an Early Governor (Special Head Ver.) inside. The sensor inside of the cockpit can also be opened and closed, enabling the Governor inside to peak outside of the cockpit.

■ An open-type cockpit canopy is included in this model kit which you can set a Frame Arms Girl Hand Scale Gourai, etc. inside. *Due to the construction of the part, some exceptions apply.

■ The flexible leg parts of this model enable this model to be adjusted into a compact size.

■ The Early Governor head part included come in an all new design. *Other attachments for the head are not included.

■ Can be attached to various Flying Base (sold separately) to enjoy countless action poses.

■ The color of the Woodpecker base model uses the same dark blue and gunmetal coloration as the previously released Bulkarm Alpha

Included items:
■ Ariel Fighter Woodpecker Model ×1■ Open-Type Canopy ×1
■ 3mm Arm Extension Joints ×2■ 3mm Leg Extension Joints ×2
■ Early Governor (Special Head Ver.)
■ Left and Right Wrist Parts x3
■ PVC HEXA G-R.A.M. x1
■ Archive Card x1

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Feb 6, 2022

Massive Disappointment

I had such high hopes for this guy, but it failed to deliver on so many levels. 1: It STANK. The noxious odor emitted by this tiny guy literally invaded my house and months later still lingers in some places. Imagine the smell of cheap plastic, but powerful enough to create instant migraines. Then we get to the actual kit itself. 2: It is absolutely not worth $40, or even $30. It comes molded in three colors: That dark blue, the brownish color, and the tan of the pilot's uniform. Any white you see in the images is painted on, leaving the final model depressingly boring without a ton of effort on the builder's part. 3: Its quality... leaves a lot to be desired. The thing can barely hold itself up, due to its absurd design. The figure was basically made of loose joints, it lacked any rigidity and can barely stand. It very poorly connects to the greater model, and its arms can only awkwardly paw at the controls. Lastly, 5: It's absolutely tiny. As posed in the official pictures, it's maybe 3" (or ~8 cm) tall. All of these factors combined make me unable to recommend this product. Go buy yourself the RG Wing Gundam for the same price, you won't regret it. Heck, buy yourself a LEGO set, or really buy anything except this garbage. Kotobukiya really dropped the ball with this guy.
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