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ST-A 3.0 Single Blade Nipper

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This is the latest version of Dspiae's fabled nipper. Compared to the previous 2.0 version, the 3.0 version utilizes a new generation of manufacturing techniques to give a sharper cut and better finish to the final tool. These nippers will give you a near GodHand-like cut at a fraction of the cost.

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Jan 20, 2023

Clean cuts and faster work!

Love this thing. Reduces the need for going back in and sanding/cutting with blade for nub removal. I can just cut it off the runner, snip off the nubs, rub with my fingernail a bit, and keep moving. It's not a perfect solution, and sometimes still leaves stress marks, but it's far better than your average nipper, and it beats having to sand/file every single time. I do wish the grip was a bit bigger. But it's well worth the price for anyone who builds a lot!
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Aug 10, 2022

They're a good starter

If you're not looking to spend the ~$60 on Godhand nippers, these are a good step before that. The box is really cool and makes it feel well made, the leather cover gives that same high quality feel. However the nippers themselves aren't really the best quality. The metal is a lot softer and weaker than the godhands. As well as the fact that the edge of the blades didn't line up exactly and would leave a small nub no matter how close I cut. Good price, okay product.
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Jun 23, 2022

So Glad I Bought These!

I love these Nippers, and my only regret is that I didn't buy them sooner. Seriously, if you think you're going to build more than 3-4 kits it's worth just buying them right now. I do still sand nubs on kits I'm not going to paint, but I've been able to completely eschew the lowest two grits that I used to include in my sanding routine. There are also some times (due to nub placement) that I actually don't have to sand at all.
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Feb 28, 2022

Awesome nippers

These were my first high-quality nippers, and they do not disappoint. I've used them for about six months or so now on gunpla, warhammer, and other model kits, and they haven't lost their edge. Only downsides are that bits of plastic and nub can get caught at the base of the nipping hinge after cutting it off, if you're not careful. Also, my blade is slightly bent now. I'm not sure how, but tbf it doesn't affect my review as it was probably my fault. I'll probably get another pair soon.
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Jan 18, 2022

These are amazing!

I was told to get either these or godhands...I went with this due to it being a bit more affordable. And boy am I glad I did. These cut so perfectly and barely leave a mark or extra..highly recommend these!
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