HGUC 073 Gaplant TR-05 Hrairoo

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Based on the Advance of Z: Flag of Titans series, the Gaplant TR-5 model kit is in 1/144 scale and becomes a fully articulated figure once complete. Gaplant TR-5 can convert into flight mode and comes armed with several pieces of weaponry.

Product Features

  • 1/144 Scale
  • Made of plastic
  • From the Advance of Zeta: Flag of Titans series
  • Fully articulated figure once complete
  • Converts into flight mode

Box Contents

  • Pieces to build 
    • Gaplant TR-5 (Hrairoo)
    • Long blade rifle
    • Beam saber
    • Display stand
  • Stickers
box art
Scale 1/144
Line HG - High Grade
Number 73 / 242
Brand Mobile Suit Gundam
Series Advance Of Zeta
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May 27, 2023

a finnicky frustrating mess

i know earlier prints of this kit have little to no joint tolerance issues but i got mine and the left arm is incredibly loose. it's old age is really catching up to it quickly as 4 days later i went to change its pose and the whole arm just fell off. of course there are other issues like the ridiculous amount of color inaccuracies so if you got the time to paint it, there is always that. not to mention the lack of range of articulation it has. it's a pretty bulky kit so it's to expect but it even fails to go below that bar. extremely limited neck movement, very weird & unwieldy shoulders. can barely hold the rifle upright, front skirt is loose, and plenty more. the last thing the hrairoo has to offer is a transformation, and for a hg kit i didn't expect much from it. lots of partsforming and a lot of loose dangly bits here & there. the base it comes with is really only good for it's alternate form. in it's ms mode the connector on the crotch is frustratingly loose so have fun getting it on that base. price wise, for a larger than average kit it's kinda worth it but if you want something that is decent out of box i'd move on to another kit
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Aug 8, 2022

nearly fully transforming kit, limited posing

was a kinda fun kit, some fairly old techniques used and the front skit armor while separate by design, is pretty floppy. aside swapping out the V fin, it does not require additional parts to swap between MS mode and flight mode. but because it is this transformable, it suffers in the posability department. the knees will bend to about 90°, the arms can only hold the rifle on the side of the arm, there is no neck. the arms also have limited movement due to its 90° elbows, double jointed shoulders and the shoulder units, i cannot get mine to sit still while attached to its included base due to the port being on a hinge with no support i saw. all that said it does include some color correcting stickers and some sticker style decals. the sticker decals look fine on the white but stand out on the dark blue. i did enjoy the fact this is a gaplant model with some modified parts to add on additional skirt armor and weaponry. though at the end of the day it is a pretty old kit with posability problems. i'd say get it if you are a fan of the flag of titans series
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Mar 11, 2021

Fun but flawed

This is an older model and comes with some caveats. The only parts that come as yellow plastic is the v-fin, chest vents, and verniers. The tubes seen in yellow on the arms are actually light-grey. Anything else is a color-correcting sticker. Also, the beam saber blades are navy, not pink. Because of its unusual silhouette, it was fun to not know exactly which part I was putting together as I built. There are many large, single color light areas, almost requiring panel-lining to see any of the detail in the legs, rifle, or waist. Also, the images make parts of the model look black, but it's actually a dark navy. There are a couple of accent pieces on the rear skirt that fall off easily, I recommend gluing them. The transforming gimmick feels like it barely works, and could easily break some of the small latches that hold pieces in place in either form. The sub-arm is solidly built and is more flexible than the main arms of the model. It can hold a beam saber with a little tape if you have an accessory adapter from an action base. This model does come with a stand, though it's not adjustable. The hole on the bottom of the model is adjustable so it can also be the mounting point when the model is transformed, but it doesn't hold its position well, and the model can tip forward or back while attached to the stand. I move the legs to adjust the center of balance, and the posing looks a little silly as a result.
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