Frame Arms Girl Architect (Nipako Ver.)

Model Kit
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  • The armor now comes in a Nipako color.
  • Additional hair parts and headgear are included to resemble Nipako.
  • A new M.S.G pin vise hand drill part is included to resemble Nipako.
  • The kit includes three types of face parts: looking forward, looking right, and looking left with an embarrassed expression.
  • The face parts are all pre-painted for easy assembly.
  • Markings designed by HIQPARTS and decals of the original Nipako eye designed by Satoshi Koike are included.
  • Attachment parts to connect the forearms of FRAME ARMSARCHITECT are included.
  • 3mm connection joint attachment parts for the forearms are included. Also, attachment parts to attach 3mm connection joints for both the left and right thigh are included.
  • The model kit includes 5 pairs of PVC hands. The hand parts and their wrist joints are compatible with the hand parts from existing Frame Arms Girl models.
  • The skirt is moveable and the legs have a wide range of movement. The attachment part of the included base can be moved up and down.
  • The 3mm connection points such as on the back, hips, and calves are compatible with gear from the M.S.G and Frame Arms series.
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    Brand Frame Arms Girl
    Release Date April 2022
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