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1/100 RB02 Caution Decal Red & Gray

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Water transfer type general purpose caution decal for character model. 
The basic part is "RB01 (sold separately)", a slightly strange design and 
accent of large parts, 
design has been emphasized a combination of this decal from choice and the previous series. 
Multi color specification combining two colors of basic color and accent color. 
At the time of glossy finish, the turbidity of the clear coat layer is not conspicuous, 
" glossy correspondence" gross decal. 

Because the decal is thin and small, please use the brush when it is difficult to handle. 
Slide the decal with a face brushed with 
water and use the brush to absorb moisture makes it easier to handle.

Gray & Orange
White & Orange
Red & Gray
White & Gray
Orange & Gray
One Color white
One Color Dark Gray
One Color Gray
One Color Light Gray
One Color Red
One Color Orange
One Color Blue
One Color Pastel Pink
One Color Pastel Violet
One Color Pastel Mint
One Color Pastel Blue



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