1:500 scale EFSF Saberfish space fighter from Gundam 0079. Scaling up to 1/144 scale, I could just barely fit it into the build volume of a Voxelab Proxima 6.0, but bigger printers should handle it no problem. I have not included a pre-supported file due to printer variations, and I'd need to pre-support for each scale.

It includes both a combined version as well as a separated one where the boosters print separately. Additionally, I included a combined version with thickened wings to accommodate smaller-scale printing.

For other scales:
1:400 - scale up by 120%
1:300 - scale up by 140%
1:288 (6mm) - scale up by 173.6%
1:144 (12mm) - scale up by 347.2%
1:100 (15mm) - scale up by 500%

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