MG Gundam Kyrios

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"Gundam Kyrios" from "Mobile Suit Gundam OO" is made into MG based on the latest drawing by Mr. Takayuki Yanase!
■In accordance with the original settings, a frame that is partially common with MG 1/100 Gundam Dunams is used.
■ Reproduce the transformation to MA form by the frame structure!
 By locking the shoulder armor and the nose of the backpack when in MA form, the form retention is strengthened and a stable display is possible.
-The hand parts part reproduces the same deformation mechanism as animation. It is possible to bend the hand parts inward while holding the wireless grip when in MA form.
■The GN beam submachine gun connected to the joint of the arm can be replaced.
■The wireless grip can be attached to two weapons asset.
■ GN shield can be deployed. Furthermore, various poses are possible by rotating the connection part.
■ The GN hand missile unit can also be equipped on the arm.

■GN beam submachine gun ×1
■GN hand missile unit ×2
■Wireless grip ×2
■GN beam saber ×2
■GN shield ×1
■Foil seal ×1
■Marking sticker ×1
■PP sheet ×1
Scale 1/100
Line MG - Master Grade
Brand Mobile Suit Gundam
Series Gundam 00
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Is there ever going to be a restock of this Kit?
Yes, We plan on restocking all past/new Bandai releases. We advise adding the product to your wishlist so you are notified as soon as it is back in stock.
March 10, 2022
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May 24, 2022

Thank God for this kit tbh

This is a phenomenal build, very fun and solid, unlike the Seven Sword. It's got some amazing articulation that I wouldn't expect in a transformable kit. I'd say its the perfect kit for our favorite schizo pilot.
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Jan 3, 2022

great kit!

It another great kit from 00. had a blast building it. really sad that dynames is always sold out
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- Verified Purchaser
Apr 22, 2021


it was Nice, totally recommend it. them knees Mmm sheesh pointy
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Apr 12, 2021

They've done it again.

Super poseable. Super fun to build. Looks absolutely amazing. What are you contemplating for? Just buy it already.
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- Verified Purchaser
Feb 7, 2021

Even Better than the Dynames

Lots of panel lines, ridiculously nice inner frame, insane posability (killer side crunch), and the colors are bold without looking toyish. There's a plethora of accessories which are modular so you can attach them any which way you desire. You don't even need the camera sticker. If I had to come up with a flaw it'd be the lack of an action base. This kit's really meant to be airborne.
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