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Hexa Gear Alternative Humanoid Jester

Model Kit
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■ The third product in the “Alternative” model kit series is now here. This line aims to create models that are both compact in size, and easy to assemble. This new line can be assembled similar to that of the Governor series and is made to be easy to build and assemble for model kit beginners.

■ Despite the model size being a total of 74mm, there are 29 joints that can be moved.

■ This model includes ball-jointed parts between the head and neck and other areas for natural posing.

■ The abdomen area was designed with multiple joints to allow for more flexibility.

■ The joint units included are 3mm in size, making this model customizable with products from the Hexa Gear series, Frame Arms, Frame Arms Girl, Megami Device, and Modeling Support Goods.

■ The included weapon, Orthros, is configured as a 3mm joint and can be exchanged with the forearm part for ALTERNATIVE HUMANOID JESTER and other Governor models. *The attachment may not fit on select models due to its design.

■ The neck, shoulder, and hip joints are made in the standard Governor design and can be interchanged with the same parts on other Governor models. *Some joints and parts may need to be adjusted in order to attach on select models.

■ This model includes standard Governor series shoulder joints and 3mm HEXA G-R.A.M ball type joints which can be interchanged upon assembly. With the 3mm HEXA G-R.A.M ball type joints, you can attach 3mm compatible weapons and accessories to the shoulder part. The 3mm joints are also compatible with other models in the Governor series. *Select products are excluded.

■ The model is equipped with a connector on the back piece, which allows you to attach a “HEXA G-R.A.M System” and the mount parts for the G-R.A.M Cutters.

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